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  1. Who is Austrialias largest customer
  2. What are pubs?
  3. What was the first colony
  4. Do they have unions?
  5. Are they members of the common wealth of nations?
  1. a yes
  2. b They are highly unionized
  3. c bars
  4. d Japan
  5. e British prison

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  1. secret
  2. vote
  3. yes
  4. watersports
  5. pouched animal

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  1. Boundries North and EastIndian Ocean


  2. What is a popular sport?pouched animal


  3. Do they have a state or official religionNo


  4. What can you do in the Great Barrier Reeffish, kangaroo, buffalo, beer


  5. What special ceremonial things do they do (3)fish, kangaroo, buffalo, beer