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  1. What do they wear to school?
  2. What will they bet on?
  3. Is Austrialia and independent country?
  4. How are children taught school
  5. What is the "Flying Doctor Service"?
  1. a yes
  2. b When the doctors fly to patients and patients fly to hospitals
  3. c Lessons of the air - over the radio
  4. d most anything
  5. e uniforms

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  1. Land Down Under
  2. dog
  3. Western Hemisphere
  4. bars
  5. 85%

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  1. IslandNorthern Hemisphere


  2. Boundaries South and WestIndian Ocean


  3. They were one of the first countries to let wemon?vote


  4. What type of sport is very popular?cricket


  5. Physical attributesSmalles of the continents, flattest - only 1 mountain range, driest - outback