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  1. Are they a member of the U.N.?
  2. When did white men arrive?
  3. They were one of the first countries to let wemon?
  4. What is their national language
  5. Austrailia and Islands
  1. a yes
  2. b Western Hemisphere
  3. c english
  4. d vote
  5. e 1606

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  1. everynight
  2. Rock paintings, bark paintings, dances
  3. most anything
  4. bars
  5. Indian Ocean

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  1. Is Austrialia and independent country?yes


  2. Is their standard of liviing high, medium, or lowhigh


  3. What can you do in the Great Barrier ReefScuba Dive


  4. Physical attributesbars


  5. Types of Peoplebars