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  1. What special ceremonial things do they do (3)
  2. What foods do the prefer
  3. Boundries North and East
  4. Boundaries South and West
  5. What kind of ballet at Parlimentary election?
  1. a Pacific Ocean
  2. b secret
  3. c Indian Ocean
  4. d fish, kangaroo, buffalo, beer
  5. e Rock paintings, bark paintings, dances

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  1. high
  2. yes
  3. Japan
  4. everynight
  5. most anything

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  1. Do they have a desire to win?They are highly unionized


  2. Types of PeopleCamberra


  3. What was the first colonyBritish prison


  4. What is the "Flying Doctor Service"?uniforms


  5. Do they have a state or official religionNo