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  1. Largest and Oldest City
  2. What was the first colony
  3. Austrialians are considered to be
  4. What are the 8 states and 2 territories
  5. Are they a member of the U.N.?
  1. a yes
  2. b the most urbanized people
  3. c Western Austrailia, South Austrailia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Austrialian Capital Territory
  4. d Sydney
  5. e British prison

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  1. Caucasian, Mongoloid, Aboriginies (300,000 when English came)
  2. yes
  3. Smalles of the continents, flattest - only 1 mountain range, driest - outback
  4. Eastern Hemisphere
  5. Lessons of the air - over the radio

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  1. What do they lead the world inuniforms


  2. What is located on North East coast of AustrailiaCaptain Cook - 1770


  3. What is meant by "bush" or "outback"?When the doctors fly to patients and patients fly to hospitals


  4. What % live in the city85%


  5. Boundaries South and WestIndian Ocean