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African American Literature Exam

T/F Sojourner Truth's speech indicates that she has some knowledge of Biblical principles.
T/F According to the Anti-Slavery Bugle Reporter's version, Truth directs this speech to an abolitionist group, where she was an invited speaker.
T/F Truth was described as a petite, but powerful woman.
Which language was Sojourner Truth's first language?
What was Truth's original name?
David Walker was born a slave
Walker's Appeal was modeled after what U.S. document?
The Constitution
Describe the structural similarities between the Constitution and Walker's Appeal
They both have a preamble
Walker's tone may be described as
Speech like-Sermon Like
Explain the full tittle of the Narrative "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave Written by Himself"
The title informs readers that this is a "Fugitive Slave Narrative w/ NO ghost writers. It was written completely by Douglass.
Who were the two authenticators of Douglass's Narrative?
William Lloyd Garrison & Wendall Phillips
T/F Douglass was first separated from his mother when he was only 2 years old
What was the title of the book which Douglass used to learn to read?
"The Colombian Orator"
Name two other ways Douglass learned to read.
Help from Ms. Auld and help from the boys in the street whom he persuaded/traded bread.
What trade did Douglass learn in Baltimore
Caulker/Calker (waterproofed ships)
Literary device commonly used in Douglass's writing? Ex: "The children were then called like so many pigs and like so many pigs they would come and devour the mush"
A figure of speech in which a word or a phrase is applied to an object or action w/o using "like" or "as"
The use of symbols to represent ideals or qualities.
The occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.
A distinction in traditional systems for analyzing systems.
Figure of speech
The expression of ones meaning using language that normally signifies the opposite.
Giving human characteristics to something not human
A group of lines forming the basic recurring metrical unit in a poem
Visually descriptive language
An expression designed to call something to mind w/o mentioning it explicitly
A figure of speech in which one compares one thing to something of another kind.
Assembled listeners of a public event
Overall quality of a musical or vocal sound
Lives in Boston and came on slave ship at 7 years old. Ships name, Phillis
Phyllis Wheatly
Wheatley's Origin:
Gambia, West Africa
Phyllis Wheatley was purchased by John Wheatley for his wife
Susanna Wheatley
Phyllis Wheatley's tutored by
John Wheatley's daughter.
Wheatley needed ______ to get one of her earliest poems published in England
Authenticating Documents
"Uniforms resemble autumn leaves"
Wheatley: use of imagery.
Thought of Wheatley as unimaginative
Thomas Jefferson
Defender of Wheatley's work
Gilbert Imlay
Writes a letter to Jefferson refuting Wheatley's inferiority
Wheatley's type of poetry
Olaudha Equiano's nationality
Equiano's primary audience
The British to prove literacy of enslaved and argue for abolition of slavery.
Trade between African's and Europeans consisted of
Slaves and guns
"Beauty is holy"
Equiano lighter skin people not as beautiful as dark skin people
Equiano believed in monotheism
Belief in 1 god
"You are loosed from your moorings"
Equiano comparing himself to the ship. Ship personified. It can move freely but he can't.
To show, indicate or suggest in advance
Douglass born in
Tucaho Talbot County Maryland.
Douglass relationship with his mother was:
Witness floggings of his aunt:
Douglass' opinion of Ms. Auld
A "kind hearted woman" who treated him as a "human being"
Ms. Auld is described as changing from
When working Douglas had a stroke in the field. The master began kicking him. He describes being treated
"Like an animal" uses a lot of animalistic descriptions
Douglas gets into a fight with
Mr. Covey
Makes Ms. Auld stop teaching Douglas
Mr. Auld
"This was the turning moment in my life"
Douglass reaction to fight with Mr. Covey. Gave him the determination to be free.
"Incidents in the life of a slave girl." written by
Harriet Jacobs
Harriet Jacobs birthplace
Edenton, North Carolina
While in Philadelphia, Jacobs meets
Bishop Paine, advises her to publish "Incidents in the life of a slave girl"
Harriet unaware she was a slave until the age.
Harriets story proved to be true by
Logan Yellin
When Jacobs speaks of sexual harassment from the slave holder
Jacobs is violating "purity"
Jacob symbolizes the
"outraged mother"
Muse whom Wheatley invokes in, "An Hymn to the Morning"
"Tragic mulatto alleged to be the daughter of Thomas Jefferson" novel written by
William Wells Brown.
Thomas Jeffersons mulatto daughter
Slave Thomas Jefferson had kids with
Salley Hemings
White men went to ______ to pick which women they desired
Negro Balls
Clotel's husband
Horatio Green
Clotel and her daughter Mary become separated and Horiatio marry's white woman to claim
Political power
Becomes her father's servant
3 Artistic Appeals
Ethos, Pathos, Logos
Relies on writers' or speakers credibility
Appeals to audiences emotions
Appeals to intellect or reason
Places heavy emphasis on speaking, higher value on oral culture.
African American Oral tradition
Black Jeremiad
Tradition in black political and religious speech
David Walker
Maria Stewart
Nat Turner
Walker's tone described as
Militant, Fiery, Aggressive, Passionate, Fearless, Courageous, Bold
Leads into main point
Main Point (direct)
Sojourner Truth's 1st language
Truth 1st recorded in 1851 by
anti-slavery beugler
Truth known as an _______ preacher
itinerant preacher
Narrative of Sojourner Truth as told to (reported speech)
Frances Gage
Equiano's other name
Gustavus Vassa
Female Orator, Essayist, Journalist, Feminist, Writer, Novelist, Abolitionist, and Poet
Frances Harper
Orphaned by age 3, shaped by uncle William Watkins, influenced by religious affiliation.
Haper's politics influenced by:
William Still
1854 New Bedford, Mass.
Harper's 1st lecture
Criticisms of Harper
Racial and gender identity
Public speaking for women frowned upon
Racially harassed
Maria Stewarts tone
passionate, aggressive, fearless
Maria Stewart speaks out against
1972 Equiano travels where?
Travels to England & Ireland to promote his book.
Ladies and servants told Equiano he couldn't go to heaven unless he was _______
Herbert Martin speaks about
Harlem Renassiance, African American Oral tradition. Langston Hughes making advances in black tradition.
Threatens whites saying poor treatment of blacks now will result in their poor treatment in heaven.
Black Jeremiad
William Wells Brown
Considered the 1st African American Novelist
Never been slaves
Stewart, Walker, Harper
ppl that were slaves were
Harriet Jacobs, Clotel, Truth, Douglas,