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  1. what are the responsibilities of a manager
  2. Boomerang Management Theory
  3. Working supervisor
  4. laissez-faire
  5. Exempt employees
  1. a When a worker of a group becomes manager and looks at it from a workers point of view instead of a managers point of view
  2. b hands-off approach
    turns over control and delegating authority
    works well only when employees are self motivated
    doing as little leading as possible
    rare in hospitality field
  3. c Salaried employees
  4. d a supervisor that performs the tasks of hourly employees. focus on work rather than employees
  5. e output of the people supervised
    the quality and quantity of the products and services produced
    meeting the needs of the employees

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  1. views themselves as sole decision maker
    gives orders and expects to be obeyed
    little concern for the opinion of others
    dictates tasks to be accomplished
    believes that employees will understand this approach
  2. Self-respect
  3. to support the customers and the employees that serve them
  4. 1. what happened
    2. why did it happen
    3. what did you learn
    4. what can you do so it doesn't happen again
  5. appeal to the higher order needs of the employee to reach beyond themselves and do more than they considered possible
    act as coach and mentor
    lead by example
    communicate and inspire employees about the misson goals, and objectives of the organization
    provide workers with meaningful, interesting, and

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  1. What type is democratictheory y


  2. the role of a managermotivate employees through appealing to workers self intrest
    influence employees by exchanging work for wages
    does noit build on the employees need for meaningful work or tap into their creativity


  3. Humanistic Theoryfocus shifted from work to people: emphasis on the importance of workers as individuals
    workers give a sense of belonging
    happy employees=productivity


  4. what are the three criteria for being autocratic/bureaucraticfor handeling money and finances
    health risks


  5. Theory Ywork is as natural as play or rest
    they will work of their own accords towards objects which they feel committed