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Environmental Science-Practice Quizzes

Practice Quizzes
a biome is described by
broadly similar environmental conditions
location of specific biomes can be predicted based on
precipitation and temperature
tree growth in the taiga is limited by
extreme cold and short summers
tundra biomes occur
at high latitudes, where temperatures are low
coral reefs form in what type of areas?
warm, clear, tropical seas
barrier islands are formed of?
wind- and wave-deposited sand
what environmental factors change as you go deeper in the lakes
light penetration
nutrient availability
oxygen content
historically, up until the middle ages, populations were mostly limited by what?
disease, famine, and war
human population growth most closely resembles what?
J-shaped curve growth
The population theory held by Thomas Malthus was the human population would what?
overshoot its carrying capacity, then suffer starvation and misery
what did malthus say was the ultimate cause of social and environmental problems?
excess population growth
What did marx say about population growth?
he said that it results from social and environmental problems
what country is predicted to be most populous in 2050?
crude birth rates are measured in terms of the number of children born
per 1000 people per year
the zero population growth rate in more highly developed countries is?
2:1 children
what is the difference between total growth rate and natural increase?
total growth rates include immigration and emigration as well as births and deaths
life expectancy
rises with increased income but only up to $4000
the demographic transition refers to a country's change from
high birth and death rates to low birth and death rates
the harvard food pyramid emphasizes that you should sparingly consume these following foods
red meat
white rice
most common dietary problem in rich countries
food security
the ability to obtain sufficient food on a day-to-day basis
a nutritional imbalance caused by a lack of specific dietary components
3 crops that provide the majority of humanity's nutrients and calories
growing aquatic species in net pens or tanks
condition of being overweight
-no longer restricted to the wealthy nations of the world
-is spreading along with western diets and lifestyles
-substantially increases the risks for a number of diseases
-results from lifestyles that involve less walking, less physical work, and more leisure
green revolution
increased yields as new agricultural varieties spread around the world
genertic engineering
moving genes from one type of organism to another
is genetic engineering and the GMO's produced safe?
we don't know