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  1. el ganado
  2. El velo de viuda
  3. el rastro
  4. Se pone el sol
  5. el testamento
  1. a the livestock
  2. b the trace, sign, trail
  3. c the will (when someone dies)
  4. d the sun sets
  5. e the widow's veil

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  1. the eyelash
  2. the folds (in clothes)
  3. the achievement, performance (not a show)
  4. to contradict
  5. dining hall (in boarding school)

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  1. los demásthe affairs (no es asunto tuyo/suyo. ~ It's none of your business)


  2. verse + adj.monthly


  3. crecerto cede, transfer over, give up


  4. con esmerovery carefully


  5. cederto cede, transfer over, give up