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  1. structure of urinary bladder
  2. what are buffers
  3. how is urine volume controlled?
  4. alkalinity
  5. filtration
  1. a by posterior pituitary hormone ADH which decreases volume
  2. b substances that prevent sharp changes in acid/base
  3. c 1st step of urine formation, takes place in the renal corpuscle
  4. d elastic muscular organ, lined w/ mucous membrane arranged in rugae
  5. e ph higher that 7.0

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  1. in cortex of kidney, made up of 2 parts-bowman's capsule & glomerulus
  2. 1st segment, nearest to the bowman's capsule
  3. deficit of sodium bicarbonate, untreated diabetes leading to ketoacidosis
  4. returns blood from the kidney to the vena cava
  5. involuntary urination in young child

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  1. nonelectrolytesintense pain when ureters are blocked


  2. ionselectrolye particles which carry an electrical charge


  3. urethritisinvoluntary urination in young child


  4. regulatory sphinctersexcess carbonic acid, caused by decreased respiratory rate


  5. electrolytescompounds that break up into particles called ions, influences how h20 moves in the body