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  1. ph
  2. renal calculi
  3. how is urine volume controlled?
  4. distal convoluted tubule
  5. electrolytes
  1. a by posterior pituitary hormone ADH which decreases volume
  2. b number that indicates hydrogen ion (H+) concentration of a fluid
  3. c compounds that break up into particles called ions, influences how h20 moves in the body
  4. d extension of ascending limb of loop of henles, highly coiled
  5. e aka; urolythiasis, kidney stones, formed by crystallized minerals, may block ureters

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  1. inflammation of the renal pelvis & connective tissue of the kidney
  2. positively charged ions, sodium-most abundant & important positively charged ion of plasma
  3. fliud outside cell, IF and plasma
  4. inflammation or infection of the urinary bladder
  5. cup shaped top of nephron, surrounds glomerulus

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  1. renal columnsentry site for renal arteries & nerves, exit site for renal veins & ureters


  2. renal colicexpansion of upper end of ureter, lies inside kidney


  3. metabolic acidosisdeficit of sodium bicarbonate, untreated diabetes leading to ketoacidosis


  4. metabolic alkalosisblood is too alkaline-7.45, respiration increases


  5. renal calyx (calyces)divisions of renal pelvis, papilla of a pyramid opens into each calyx