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  1. renal corpuscle
  2. cations
  3. reabsorption
  4. cystitis
  5. renal pyramids
  1. a positively charged ions, sodium-most abundant & important positively charged ion of plasma
  2. b in cortex of kidney, made up of 2 parts-bowman's capsule & glomerulus
  3. c inflammation or infection of the urinary bladder
  4. d movement of substances out of renal tubules into peritubular blood capillaries, h20, nutrients & ions are reabsorbed,
  5. e triangular division of the medulla, from 8-19

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  1. returns blood from the kidney to the vena cava
  2. renal microscopic structure, functional unit of the kidney, consists of renal tubule & capillaries
  3. ureters, urinary bladder, urethra
  4. network of blood capillaries surrounded by bowman's capsule, high pressure within to remove/filter wastes from the blood
  5. cleaning & filtering, returning useful substances to the blood, form urine

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  1. how much blood do kidneys filter every day? How much urine is produced?450 gal, 1.5 quarts


  2. urethritisinvoluntary urination in young child


  3. 2 types of ph disturbancesimbalance of bicorbonate in blood, controlled by kidneys


  4. proximal convoluted tubuleextension of ascending limb of loop of henles, highly coiled


  5. functions of urethradrain urine from renal pelvis to urinary bladder