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  1. what are buffers
  2. hematuria
  3. how much blood do kidneys filter every day? How much urine is produced?
  4. respiratory acidosis
  5. renal cortex
  1. a excess carbonic acid, caused by decreased respiratory rate
  2. b substances that prevent sharp changes in acid/base
  3. c 450 gal, 1.5 quarts
  4. d outer part of the kidney, shell around medulla
  5. e blood in the urine

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  1. long, narrow tubes w/ expanded upper end, inside kidney, lined w/ mucous membrane & muscular layer
  2. 1st segment, nearest to the bowman's capsule
  3. by posterior pituitary hormone ADH which decreases volume
  4. deficit of sodium bicarbonate, untreated diabetes leading to ketoacidosis
  5. network of blood capillaries surrounded by bowman's capsule, high pressure within to remove/filter wastes from the blood

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  1. function of uretersdrain urine from renal pelvis to urinary bladder


  2. 4 parts of renal tubulerenal corpuscle and renal tubule


  3. metabolic alkalosisexcess of sodium bicarbonate, loss of stomach acid w/ severe vomiting


  4. chronic renal failureslow, progressive loss of nephrons caused by a variety of underlying diseases


  5. renal medullainnermost ends of pyramid