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  1. bowman's capsule
  2. cystitis
  3. renal columns
  4. structure of urinary bladder
  5. renal calculi
  1. a elastic muscular organ, lined w/ mucous membrane arranged in rugae
  2. b inflammation or infection of the urinary bladder
  3. c aka; urolythiasis, kidney stones, formed by crystallized minerals, may block ureters
  4. d cup shaped top of nephron, surrounds glomerulus
  5. e extensions of cortical tissue that dips down into the medulla between the renal pyramids

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  1. slow, progressive loss of nephrons caused by a variety of underlying diseases
  2. expansion of upper end of ureter, lies inside kidney
  3. abrupt reduction in kidney function that's usually reversible
  4. intracellular fluid, extracellular fluid
  5. substances that prevent sharp changes in acid/base

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  1. phnumber that indicates hydrogen ion (H+) concentration of a fluid


  2. loop of henleextension of proximal tubule, consists of descending limb, loop and ascending limb


  3. 2 parts of a nephroncleaning & filtering, returning useful substances to the blood, form urine


  4. metabolic disturbancesimbalance of bicorbonate in blood, controlled by kidneys


  5. respiratory disturbancesimbalance of carbonic acid in the blood, controlled by respiration