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  1. nonelectrolytes
  2. renal cortex
  3. what are buffers
  4. renal calyx (calyces)
  5. reabsorption
  1. a movement of substances out of renal tubules into peritubular blood capillaries, h20, nutrients & ions are reabsorbed,
  2. b outer part of the kidney, shell around medulla
  3. c organic substances that don't break up or dissociate when placed in h20
  4. d divisions of renal pelvis, papilla of a pyramid opens into each calyx
  5. e substances that prevent sharp changes in acid/base

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  1. inflammation or infection of the urinary bladder
  2. excess of sodium bicarbonate, loss of stomach acid w/ severe vomiting
  3. supply blood to the kidney, large in diameter, with each heartbeat 20% of the blood enters the kidneys
  4. ph lower that 7.0
  5. aka; urolythiasis, kidney stones, formed by crystallized minerals, may block ureters

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  1. how much blood do kidneys filter every day? How much urine is produced?450 gal, 1.5 quarts


  2. renal columnsintense pain when ureters are blocked


  3. renal colicintense pain when ureters are blocked


  4. filtrationhappens in renal corpuscle, b/p is high enough to force h20 & wastes thru


  5. glomerulusnetwork of blood capillaries surrounded by bowman's capsule, high pressure within to remove/filter wastes from the blood


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