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  1. metabolic acidosis
  2. respiratory alkalosis
  3. renal papilla
  4. respiratory disturbances
  5. what are buffers
  1. a deficit of sodium bicarbonate, untreated diabetes leading to ketoacidosis
  2. b imbalance of carbonic acid in the blood, controlled by respiration
  3. c innermost ends of pyramid
  4. d deficit of carbonic acid, caused by increased respiratory rate, hyperventilation w/anxiety
  5. e substances that prevent sharp changes in acid/base

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  1. negatively charged particles
  2. aka; urolythiasis, kidney stones, formed by crystallized minerals, may block ureters
  3. renal corpuscle and renal tubule
  4. excess carbonic acid, caused by decreased respiratory rate
  5. involuntary urination in young child

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  1. renal corpusclein cortex of kidney, made up of 2 parts-bowman's capsule & glomerulus


  2. renal tubuleleads away from glomerular capsule, reabsorption of h20, nutrients & ions occurs here, 4 parts


  3. extracellular fluidfliud outside cell, IF and plasma


  4. urethritisinflammation or infection of the urinary bladder


  5. acidityblood is too acidic-7.35, respiration decreases