Apologia Biology 12-B

Vocabulary for the second half of Module 12, Phylum Arthropoda, pages 376-389.
sheet web
A single, flat sheet of sticky silk.
tangle web
A web with no real discernible pattern.
orb web
A geometric web that consists of concentric circles of sticky silk that are supported by "spokes" of non-sticky silk.
egg stage
Egg fertilized by stored sperm and laid.
larva stage
The stage most insect young are in when they hatch, which resembles a segmented worm.
pupa stage
The stage the insect forms some sort of case around itself and EVERYTHING changes: organs are rearranged, reshaped, body structures are dismantled and reformed.
nymph stage
When an insect develops through incomplete metamorphosis, it hatches from its egg stage into a seeming miniature version of its adult form, but the proportions are wrong.
adult stage
The stage after an insect breaks out of its case in which it has all of the features and organs that are normally associated with its species and is ready for reproduction.
complete metamorphosis
Insect development consisting of four stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.
incomplete metamorphosis
Insect development consisting of three stages: egg, nymph, and adult.