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Procedure Coding

Anestheia & Surgery
Health care professional permitted to administer anesthesics are:
Anesthesiologists, certified registered nurse anesthetists, & surgeons.
THe categories of anestheia include the following:
Topical/local, regional, & general
Topical anestheia is administered-how?
to the skin
MAC is an acronym that stands for
monitored anestheia care
Conscious sedation is provided in order to:
reduce anxiety
When the same physician performing the procedure administers regional or general anestheia, modifier 47 should be appended to:
the correct procedure code
The anestheia package includes all of the following:
preoperative visits, post operative visits, & usual monitoring services.
When reporting anestheia services using time reporting, the formula is:
Qualifying circumstances are conditions that might require more work on the part of the anesthesiologist, including all of the following:
Extreme age, Emergency conditions, Total bdy hyperthermia
A physical status modifier describes issues that may increase the complexity of delivering anesthetic services one of these are:
Mild systemic disease
The Global Surgical Package includes all of the following:
Preprocedure evaluation, the procedure, & follow up care
The globial period is determined by?
the standard of care
The following is are examples of diagnostic tests included in the global pacakge:
closure, local infiltration, & a metecarpal block
When a procedure is planned as a series of procedures, each serviceafter the first should be appeneded with what modifier?
modifier 58
Excision of a lesions are reported with:
each leision coded seperately
The code for th excision includes this type of repair:
If the surgeron preforms a reexcision of a lesion during a later encounter with the patient, append the procedure with what modifier?
If multiply wounds located on the same antimical site are repaired with the same complexity, report this procedure by:
adding the total lengths together & code the total
The elements of determining the most accurate code for a skin graft include all of the following:
The size of the recepient area, the location of the recepient area, & the type of graft.
When a surgeron does not provide preoperative or postoperative care to the patient upon whom he or she operates, the procedure should be appended with:
modifier 54
Codes with musculoskeletal subsection include:
Arthrodesis is preformed:
alone & in combination with other procedures.
An open treatment of a fracture is preformed
Backbench work during a transplant process is
The preparation of the organ
The cardiovascular system includes all of the following:
Heart, veins, & arteries
Venous grafts harvested from the saphenous vein:
are included in the graft code
The code for the endovascular repair of an illac aneurysm include all of the following:
Introduction of graft, Stent deployment, & Balloon angiplasty
An enterectomy is the harvesting of a donors:
A pancreatic donor must be:
A physician who only interprets a urodynamic procedure must be ccoded with:
Modifier 26