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building, Peloponnesian
(Lysistrata) 1. Women, led by Lysistrata, barricading the public funds --- and refusing to sleep with their husbands to secure peace and end the --- War.
(Lysistrata) 2. Lysistrata engages the support of women from Sparta, ---, and Corinth.
(Lysistrata) 3. All of them are at first --- at the suggestion of withholding sex, but they finally agree and swear an oath to support each other.
(Lysistrata) 4. The woman from Sparta, ---, returns home to spread the word there.
Dionysus, Athens'
(The Frogs) 1. The god ---, despairing of the state of --- tragedians, travels to Hades to bring Euripides back from the dead.
Euripides, Aeschylus, Pluto
(The Frogs) 2. In the underworld, a small 'civil war' is going on. --- who had only just recently died, is challenging the great --- to the seat of 'Best Tragic Poet at the dinner table of ---.
(The Frogs) 3. A contest is held with --- the judge.
(The Frogs) 4. Dionysus eventually chooses ---, although he had originally set out to retrieve Euripides, because he knew "from the depth of his heart" that this traditional and morally sound man was the only tragic poet for the job.

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