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Australia - Vocabulary words


an animal, such as the kangaroo or Koala, that carries its young in a body pouch

tectonic plate

a large piece of eath crust


a hot springs that shot scalding water into the air


a narrow bag or inlet from the sea bordered by steep cliff.


a group of small coral islands in shape of a ring that encloses a lagoon

great divding places

a series of plateaus and mountain ranges in eastern Australia


a remote area with few people


The most poopulous of the three groups of pacific islands; includes fiji, papua, new guinea, and others


one of three gropus of pacific islands; includes Guam, The Marshal islands, and others


largest of the three groups of pacific islands; includes New Zealand, Hawaii, Eastern Tahiti islands


New Guinea


a rock like substance formed from the skeletons of tiny sea animals

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