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skin test

any test in which a suspected allergen or sensitivity is applied to or injected into the skin to determined the patient's sensitivity to it


skin test that identifies suspected allergens by subcutaneously injecting small amounts of extracts of the suspected allergens and observing the skin for a subsequent reaction


skin test that identifies suspected allergens by topical application of the substance to be tested


skin test that identifies suspected allergens by placing a small quantitiy of the suspected allergen on a lightly scratched area of the skin


representive tissue sample removed from the body site for microscopic examination


removal of a small tissue sample for examination using a hollow needle, usually attatched to a syringe


removal of a small core of tissue using a hollow punch


removal of surgical blade is used to remove elevated lesions

frozen section

ultra thin slice of tissue from a frozen specimen for immidiate pathological examination

chemical peel

chemical removal of the outer layers of skin to treat acne scarrign and general keratoses


removal of necrotized tissue from a wound by surgical excision, enzymes, or chemical agents


rubbing using wire brushes or sandpaper to mechanically scrape away the epidermis


tissue destruction by means of high-frequency electric current


use of subfreezing temperature to destroy or eliminate abnormal tissue

skin graft

surgical procedure to transplant healthy skin by applying it to an injured site


transplantation of healthy tissue from one person


transplantation of healthy tissue from one site to another in the same individual


transplantation of artficail skin production from collagen fibers arranged in a lattice pattern


transplantation from a foreign donor and transferred to a human

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