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  1. What is the Continental Divide?
  2. The Ohio River flows from the ______ to the Mississippi River.
  3. Lines of latitude are measured in
  4. Name three North American Deserts
  5. Regional geography
  1. a Northeast
  2. b Parallels
  3. c Mojave Desert, Great Salt Lake Desert , Sonoran Desert
  4. d line of ridges in the Rocky Mountains. It divides our continent in half.
  5. e focuses on how regions and places are similar.

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  1. meridians
  2. Population Pyramid
  3. The equator
  4. have boundaries that are made by governments. States, cities, and countries are formal regions.
  5. A single city might be split into two or more time zones

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  1. What type of map tells you the number of people living per square mile?Key or Legend


  2. The number of time zones on earth is equal to:the number of hours in the day.


  3. The Great Plains is located where....between the Appalachians and the Rockies.


  4. What lines run from pole to pole?lines of longitude


  5. Name the major vallies of North America.Mojave Desert, Great Salt Lake Desert , Sonoran Desert