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  1. What lines run from pole to pole?
  2. Name the five Great Lakes. Which major river do they feed into?
  3. Lines of latitude are measured in
  4. Name three North American Deserts
  5. What is the 0-degree latitude line called?
  1. a Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Lake Superior. All of the lakes feed into the St. Lawrence River.
  2. b Parallels
  3. c lines of longitude
  4. d The equator
  5. e Mojave Desert, Great Salt Lake Desert , Sonoran Desert

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  1. land features, people, and human-made features are
    arranged on Earth.
  2. They are higher than the Appalachians.
  3. Population Pyramid
  4. line of ridges in the Rocky Mountains. It divides our continent in half.
  5. 282 feet below sea level. This valley is also the hottest.

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  1. The number of time zones on earth is equal to:the number of hours in the day.


  2. What part of the map tells you what the symbols on the map tell you?Key or Legend


  3. Name the major vallies of North America.Mojave Desert, Great Salt Lake Desert , Sonoran Desert


  4. What imaginary line separates the earth into northern and southern hemispheres?180 degrees


  5. What lines tell you how far something is to the north or to the south?Latitude


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