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TX History Quiz Ch. 15 Sec 3

Under President Davis the TX legislature ratified what two amendments
14th and 15th
What were the three amendments in the section and what were their requirements
13th- abolished slavery
14th- Outline requirements for U.S. citizenship
15th- Guaranteed the right to vote despite you race, heritage, or slavery background
What day was TX readmitted to the Union
March 8th, 1870
Under president Davis Administration Program, what three things did he enforce, allow, or was required to do.
Made state police force and state militia
davis had the power to declare martial law
davis had the authority to appoint individuals to all state offices
What is one thing President Davis did during his presidency that angered many
raised taxes
Redeemers were:
Opponets to Davis presidency who named Davis's programs the obnoxious acts
In 1872 who regained control of the legislature, and what did they do during this time
democrats, eliminated the Obnoxious Acts
In 1873 Who did Davis lose to in the presidency
Richard Coke
What did redeemers want to do, and how did they enforce this?
Wanted to remove all traces of the Radical Republicans, so they established the Constitution of 1876
What did the Constitution of 1876 do or enforce
-Took away the power of the governor and legislature
-Only allowed legislature to meet every other year
-Establish educational land grants, homestead grants and railroad grants
Why is the Constitution of 1876 important for us today?
Still serves as our constitution today