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Western Red Cedar
Flat lying short opressed needles, bark peels of in strips. Conifer
Redosier Dogwood
Woody Perennial shrub. Red stems, white flowers, white fruit clusters Dogwood (Cornaceae) Family
Spring Beauty
succulent (Fleshy & juicy) perennial, Single pair of stalk-less leaves below the flower, white to pink petals-often with pink veins Miner's Lettuce (Montiaceae) Family
Sagebrush buttercup
Low-growing perennial. Leaves-mainly at base, 3-lobed. All Floral parts independently detached, shiny yellow petals, early spring bloomer. Buttercup (Ranunculaceae) Family
Great Blue Heron
Wading bird, dark crown, 6' wingspan, curved neck, dagger bill
American Dipper
Aquatic songbird, walk & feed underwater. Gray dark
Chickaree or Douglas squirrel
Long bush tails, don't hibernate, no internal cheek, under:orangish, brown
Snowshoe hare
long ears, long hind legs, white in winter
Western Toad
Stout body, lots of bumps, short legs, broad waist, mottled color
Order Odonata - Dragonflies & Danselflies
Large eyes, slender abdomen . dragonflies & damselflies
Ponderosa Pine
Egg shaped cones, needles flaring from one base, sheds lower branches. Conifer
Buckbrush or Snowbrush Ceanothus
Dry to moist forest, open sunny sites, tiny white flowers, small shiny seeds, sticky glossy leaves. Buckthorn (Rhamnaceae) Family
Erest unbranched stem, long leaves, bell-shaped yellow flower. Lily (Liliaceae) Family
Shooting Star
Moist soils, eliptical leaves, purplish-lavender or white flowers. Primrose (Primulaceae) Family
Western Meadowlark
Medium to large songbird. direct flight, long legs, yellowbreast, whitish flanks, shrub-steppe
Spotted towhee
Sparrow, mostly brown, streaked songbird, dark hood, white spotting, rufus flanks.
Mule Deer
Large dark ears, white long tail with black tips, east of cascades, bitterbrush.
Heavy body, black to light brown, forests, long hair covers barbs/quills.
Northern Pacific rattlesnake
Heavy bodied with large spots, triangular head, distinct eye stripe, rattle.
Mayflies Order Ephemeroptera
Shortlived, acquatic myphs, fast flowing streams & shallow ponds,
Lodgepole Pine
Small & slender, needle bundles, egg-shaped short cones, gray/red/brown scaly bark
Woody perennial shrub. white clustery flowers, dark grey/red stems, purple fruit. Rose (Rosaceae) Family
Small Bluebells
Low growing perennial,Hanging clusters of blue/pink flowers, early spring bloomer. Borage (Boraginaceae) Family
Bare-stem Lomatium
Perennial Shrub-steppe: large egg-shaped bluish leaves, dense clusters of small yellow flowers in an compound umbel (umbrella-like form). Parsley (Apiaceae) Family
American Robin
Flocks, Dark head, white around eye, dark grey back, yellow bill, rusty orange breast, dark tail w/ white corners
Dark-eyed junco
Small flocks, shrub steppe, forages on ground. Short conical bill, 6" long, dark hood, brownish back & flanks, white belly.
Rocky Mountain elk
Larger than deer, reddish tan color, buff rump, herds, spreading antlers in male.
Yellow-bellied marmot
Squirrel family, dormant a lot, grizzly brown with white tipped guard hairs.
Pacific Tree Frog
2" long, long toes, Y shape on head, long legs, stripes on back. Many different body colors so it is camouflages for the habitat
Order Coleoptera Beetles
Sheath wings, i.e., ladybug
Western Larch
Clusters of 25-40 needles, long cones 1-1/2", deeply furrowed bark, no lower branches. Deciduous Conifer
Woody perennial shrub. Dry forests & clearings, Lobed leaves, clusters of white flowers, grey-red bark. Rose (Rosaceae) Family. Holordiscus discolor
Shrub steppe, Long tubular pink flowers. Long-leafed phlox. Phlox (Polemoniaceae) Family We have many different species
Upland Larkspur
Spring perennial. Irregular petals with white to blush flowers on long stalks, divided leaves. Buttercup (Ranunculaceae) Family
Black-capped Chickadee
Small songbird, mixed flocks, active, short bill, black cap & throat, white cheeks, buffly flanks.
Turkey vulture
Carrion eater, Unfeathered head, red skin, white bill, long wings & tail, shallow V rocks side-to-side when flapping.
Solitary, reddish brown to tawny grey, 8' lenght, 50-100lbs.
Northern pocket gopher
Stout body, small eyes/ears, large clawed front paws, hair-less tail, large front teeth, short fur.
Common (or Valley) garter snake
Dorsal stripes, red blotches side of body, red cheek, swimmer, black body with yellow stripes
Order Plecoptera Stoneflies
Twisted wing, chewing mouthparts, flattened soft bodies, streams
Conifer. Growing tip of branch sharply pointed (like a spear). Dark to pale green needles spread around twig, bark: dark brown/black, deeply furrowed
(Antelope) Bitterbrush
Leaves bring green on top, dull green with hiars below. wedged shape with 3 lobes at tip of leaf., bright yellow flowers, dark branched stems Rose (Rosaceae) Family
Perennial forb. Bilateral symmetry, Stalks of purple flowers. We have many species. Pea (Leguminosae) Family
Douglas' brodiaea
Perennial forb. Spring blooming Narrow grass-like leaves, clusters of pal to dark blue flowers. Lily (Lilaceae) Family Current name: Triteleia grandiflora (formerly Brodiaea douglasii).
Black-billed magpie
Jay &Crow family. Black head & breast, white belly, long black pointed tail. Noisy, in groups, on ground.
Stellar's Jay
Jay&Crow, Blue, short tail, head, breast and black blackish, long crest
Bushy tail, large ointed ears, variable colors, active at night, 2' tall, 20-30lbs.
Yellow-pine chipmunk
Strong facial stripes, dark tipped tail, white/buff belly, biclored ears, light & dark stripes.
Northwestern fence lizard
Spiny scales, rows of dark and light markings on dorsal, gray or brown to almost black, long tail
Order Hemiptera True Bugs
Half wings, membrane hind legs, folds all wings when rest, mouthparts for sucking and piercing.
Black cottonwood
Moist to wet lowlands, 130', smooth green/grey bark, triangular/heart-shaped pointy leaves, yellow in fall. Willow (Salicaeae) Family
Nootka rose
3-7' tall, waterways & floodplains, common rose with purplish pink flower, alternate leaves, serrated leaves. We have 5 additional species native to Eastside Casades. Rose (Rosaceae) Family
Bouquet of many white flowers, flower head, shrub-steppe & open forest, late spring bloomer, green leaves. Sunflower (Asteraceae) Family
Sagebrush Stickseed
Perennial forb. White flowers in a scoripion tail-like cluster. Seeds covered with velcro-like prickles Borage (Boraginaceae) Family
Belted kingfisher
Fish eating bird, shaggy crest, dark band on upper chest, white collar, 13"
American widgeon
Duck. Small ponds & marshes. Female: Dark smudge around eye, gray-brown head. Rounded head. Male green eyes, white wingpatch.
Long paddle tail, around rivers, dark brown, swimmer.
Long skinny rat tail, freshwater, Swimming rodent, Brown color.
Painted turtle
Aquatic turtle. Dark upper shell, bright markings on lower shell, red bars or spots on underside. Many on a log.
Order Homoptera Plant-sucking Insects
Same wings. Cicadas, aphids, spittlebugs, leaf hoppers. Suck plants. plant sucking insects
Bigleaf maple
Deciduous tree. Waterways, shrub-steppe, montane, 60-80', 4 lobed leaves, brown-grey bark. Maple (Sapindaceae) Family
Blue elderberry
Woody perennial shrub. opposite leaves, flowers: small white in flat-topped clusters, Tiny powdery blue berries in flat-topped clusters. Adoxa (Adoxaceae) Family. Formerly in Caprifoliaceae Family
Arrow-leaf Balsamroot
Perennial forb. Yellow or orange flower head. Sunflower (Asteraceae) Family
Tall (or big) Buckwheat
Small flowers w/ colored sepals, simple, toothless leaves. shrubb-steppe perennial, summer bloomer. Buckwheat (Polygonaceae) Family
Red-breasted nuthatch
Small songbird, mixed flocks, woodlands, clings to bark. Dark eyeline & white eyebrow. Plain blue-grey above. Pale orange below. Short tail. 4.5"
Western kingbird
Flycatcher. Dry open country, perches on fences & high wires. Pale gray head & breast, lemon yellow belly, black tail.
(Cascades) Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel
Ground dwelling squirrel. Pine/fir forests. Tawny yellow/brown head & shoulders. White and black stripes that stops at the shoulder.
3' long, spotted all over, short bobbed tail.
Pacific gopher snake (also Bull snake)
Large dark splotches, tapered tail, distinct eye stripe. mimics rattlesnake.
Order Neuroptera Net-winged insects
4 membrane wings longer than abdomen. Veins & cross veins. Long antennae, chewing mouth parts.
Quaking aspen
Deciduous tree. 100' tall, round leaves w/pointed tip, yellow in fall. Bark: green-gray to white. Does not peel. Willow (Salicaeae) Family
Big sagebrush
Woody perennial shrub. Shrub-steppe. Up to 7' tall, Leaves 3-toothed hairy-tip. Long thin leaves. Small yellow flowers. Aromatic. Grayish shedding bark. Sunflower (Asteraceae) Family
Rubber Rabbitbrush
Woody perennial shrub. sandy soil. Long narrow leaves. Fall blooming. Yellow flowers. Scrape stem, brighter green. Sunflower (Asteraceae) Family
Radial symmetry, narrow leaves concentrated at base, tall stamens, yellow flowers, pods. - Mustard (Brassicaceae) Family
Great-horned owl
Bulky, white throat, large ear tufts, yellow eyes, white tufts on throat.
Western tanager
Medium-sized birds. Solitary in trees. Greenish-yellow, 2 wing bars, Males have red on head. Black back, yellow rump.
(Rocky mountain) Big-horn sheep
Both sexes have spiral horns. White nose.
Deer mouse
Noctural, Long ears and hairless taile, dark brown.
Pygmy short-horned lizard
Flat round body, fringe like scales, horned toad.
Order Hymenoptera Wasps, Bees, & Ants
Wasps, bees, ants
Engelmann spruce
Needles: sharp/suqre, blue green, neetles extend from all sides. Thin, darkpuplish bark, scales flake off, Cones 1-2/1/2 inches
Woody evergreen perennial sub-shrub. Sandy well-drained sites, rocky slopes, <5", bright red berries, oval to spoon shaled leather dark green leaves. Heath (Ericaceae) Family
Blue-bunch wheatgrass
Perennial grass. Tufted, clumpy, up to 4'. shrub-steppe. Grace (Poaceae) Family
Difuse Knapweed
Annual (Bi-annual) forb. Non-native Noxious weed. Upper leaves, narrow. Lower leaves, divided. Upright from taproot.Sunflower (Asteraceae) Family
American Kestrel
Falcon. 10.5". Slate gray shoulders. Small & slim. Spots on breast. Open habbitats. Redish back.
Clark's nutcracker
12" long. Chunky gray bird. Black wings & central tail feathers. White wing patches & outer tail. Small groups. Conifer forests.
American Marten
Confier forests. Bushy tail, rich yelow/brown fur, cat-like ears, tree squirrel size. Seen in trees.
Black bear
Western skink
Striped lizrd, long bright blue tail in young. Shiny scales, wide brown dorsal stripes.
Order Lepidoptera Butterflies & Moths
Grand fir
Conifer tree. Needles: flat, blund dark shine green, Cones 3-5" greenish, bark: thick furrowed. Fire ladder.
Wax currant
Woody perennial shrub. . Low dry forest. Hiary branches, small fan-shaped leaves, small red berries. Green-white to pink flowers. Currant (Grossulariaceae) Family
Purple sage
Perennial shrub. Bilateral symmetry. Small, extensively branched shrubs. Square stems. Talus slopes. Purplish flowers. Mint (Lamiaceae) Family
Long-sepal globemallow
Perennial forb. Funnel-shaped flowers. Shrub-steppe to ponderosa pine forest. Late bloomer. Hairs on leaf surfaces. Rose to purplish flowers. 3-6' tall. Federally listed species, endemic to Wenatchee Mountains. Mallow (Malvaceae) Family
American coot
Marsh bird w/ short tail & short rounded wings. Ponds & marshes. Stubby white bill. Black - darkest on head & neck.
Mourning Dove
Pigeon/dove family. Small heads & bills & short legs. Straight fliers. Small groups. Small head, long tapered tail w/ white tips. Black spots on upper wing. Grey.
Fingers on toes. Bandit mask on eyes. Ringed tails.
Northern river otter
Carnivore. Long tail. Webbed feet. Streamlined body & tail. Short, think fur.
Great Basin spadefoot toad
Plump body, broad waist. Upturned snout. Smooth skin. Short legs.
Order Diptera 2-winged True Flies
Have only 1 pair of wings (Fore wings) that are membranous, usually translucent, with few veins. Absent 2nd pair of wings, reduced to form a small knob - a balancing organ. Mouth parts modified to feed on liquids, either lapping (Sponging), sucking, or piercing. Includes house flies, craneflies.