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A&P 1 John Barber

Neuroglial Cells

Cells that perform support functions for nerves.


Somato motor Sensation of the muscle activity/Sensory Motor

How many Cranial Nerves do you have?





Rest and digest "Eat food and fall asleep"


Nervous system dedicated to the digestive trac

What is the meaning of Grey Matter

Nerve Cell body

Axon: Hillock

Where action potential starts

Axon: Terminals

End of Axon

Axon: Myelin Sheath (White Matter)

Fatty insulation around Axon and Dendrite

Axon: Schwann

Produce Myelin Sheath aka neurolemma cells in the PNS

Axon: Neurolemmal cells

Outer most layer of the Myolin sheath

Axon: Nodes of Ranvier

naket spot in the Axon. Non Mylated gaps


Brain Cancer. Glio cell out of control


Infection for nerve cells in brain tissue


Inflammation of the menniges


Water on brain. Blockage of duct system

Microglial cells

small cells that phagocytize bacterial cells and cellular debris

Ependymal Cells

Occur in clusters called Choroid Plexus. Produce cerebreal spinal fluid (CSF). CSF bathes the CNS


Form blood barrier


Make myelin sheath within the CNS


3 Layers of tissue which surround the CNS.
1. Dura Layer - Tough Layer
2. Arachnoid- Middle Layer
2a. Subarchnoid-Area between Pia and Arachnoid contains fluid
3. Pia- Intimately attached to CNS

Types of Meningitis and treatment

Bacterial -Antibiotics
Viral - Pallative care.

Symptoms of Meningitis

Fever/Head aches/ light sensitive/lifting head causes pain

Lateral Grey Horn

Where sympathetic nerve cell bodies are located (T1-L2

Pre Ganglionic neurotransmitters secret what?


Post Ganglionic neurotransmitters secret what?

ACH and Epinephrine

Adrenal Medulla

Fight/Flight - Secret adrenaline. Combination of epinephrine and norepinehrine

Alpha receptors react to what? what do they do?

React to Norepinephrine and regulate blood vessel dialation.

Beta receptors react to what? what do they do?

React to Epinephrine. Reduce the heart pump.


Selective Serratonin Reuptake Inhibitor. Decreases rate of Serratonin break down in brain. Makes serratonin last longer.

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