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  1. irksome
  2. artisan
  3. prestige
  4. counterpane
  5. prolific
  1. a adj. Annoying; tedious.
  2. b n. a quilt or cover for a bed
  3. c n. High standing; respect earned by accomplishments.
  4. d adj. Abundantly productive.
  5. e n. One able to do skilled work with the hands; a craftsperson.

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  1. n. correctness of behavior or conduct
  2. n. wealth
  3. adj. Determined by chance or whim rather than by reason or necessity.
  4. adj. Honored; esteemed.
  5. adj. Extravagantly showy or ornate.

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  1. affluentn. wealth


  2. hop vinen. High standing; respect earned by accomplishments.


  3. maliciousadj. wishing or appearing to wish evil to others


  4. mesmerizev. attract strongly, as if with a magnet


  5. irksomev.1. To cover with liquid.
    2. To completely engage the attention of.