Chapter 19: Revolution in Politics Main Ideas

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What were the factors behind the revolutions of the late eighteenth century?
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- he was a skilled military man
- had a lot of victories that led him to become commander
- he failed in Egypt but then he returned to France so it did not ruin his reputation
- he conquered most of Europe
- imposed the Continental System
- was at war with most of Europe at one time
- Prussia, Russia, Austria, and Britain became allies to overthrow Napoleon
- he was sent to Alba to live out his days but he comes back
- in the end he gets sent to Africa (St. Helena) to live out his days.
- 90% of the population consisted of people of color/slaves.
- there were free people of color.
- free people of color wanted to be seen as equals to Creoles (white people born in the colonies).
- L'Overture: was a political leader and commander, once a slave but then he was freed, first he fought with the Spanish but then he switched to fighting with the French against the Spanish.
- slaves held meetings in which they discussed when they were going to revolt.
- slaves rebelled and destroyed sugar and coffee plantations.
- France promised freedom to those who joined them in defeating the rebels.
- 1804: Haiti became an independent nation.