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Quarter 2 Key Terms: Docs/ Ideas & Vocab

Wilmot Proviso
Land in the Mexican Cession should be slavery free. It was the rallying point for antilslavery foces in the 1840s and 50s. The South blocked it in the Senate.
"Slave Power"
Belief that the South was trying to spread slavery and attack Northern capitalism and liberty.
Monroe Doctrine
Cornerstone of US Latin American policy of that century. It said that Europe could not colonize on the western hemisphere, couldn't interfere wih colonies, and America would stay out of European affairs. It also protected the newly independent Latin America.
Declaration of Sentiments
After Syneca Falls, it was a list of grievances that called for equality for women, including suffrage.
Compensated Emancipation
Paying owners for slaves when free. People thought this would decrease resistance to slavery. Ex: slave organizations bought slaves and set them free.
It said that states had soverignty and therefore could disregard bad laws. It was written about in the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, as well as the Exposition and Protest.
Popular Sovereignty
Advocated by Lewis Cass and Henry Clay and Western Democrats. It said slavery status should be up to he people of the state.
Ostend Manifesto
Statement by American envoys for Spain to sell us Cuba or else we would seize it. It was repudiated by the US government. It made people believe there was a slave power.
Manifest Destiny
Idea that it was inevitable for US to expand out of economic necessity, racial superiority, and national security. It said God was on our side, we didn't want to be poor and overpopulated like France, and we wanted to spread democracy.
When Brits took American sailors from 1790-1812; over 10,000 were taken. Britain claimed that Americans were deserters from the Royal Navy. It caused the War of 1812.
American System
Clay's call for a national bank, protective tariffs, and internal improvement, which led to American self-sufficiency.
Spoils System
Abused by Andrew Jackson. It was giving jobs to loyal people.
Cotton Diplomacy
Southerners hoped that Britain would aid the Confederacy out of their ned for cotton for their textiles, but it failed.