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Excretory System

What is the function of the excretory system?
to remove wastes from the body
How does the excretory system maintain homeostasis?
smooth muscle contractions that generate heat
-trapped by adipose tissue
3 types of excretion
-from skin
-from colon
-of fluid
Excretion from skin
sweat that contains salt (NaCl)
Excretion from colon
solid wastes (feces)
Excretion of fluid
formed in the kidneys
Function of Kidneys
filter wastes from blood by diffusion/osmosis and add water to form urine
Urine Flow
kidneys -> ureter -> urinary bladder -> urethra -> out of body
urethra and urinary bladder known as U-tubes
Functional unit of kidneys
structure that filters blood
machine that does the job of kidneys
deals with kidneys
Components of Nephron
-loop of henle
-collecting duct
location where blood is filtered
Loop of Henle
water moves in/out of nephron, forming urine
Collecting Duct
urine held here until released through ureter