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the ones that i cant do


wrotes comedies and play

Battle of Plataea

Last battle when Persians were chased out of Greece

Battle of Salamis

the battle when Xerxes died


thief to goat farmers, tattled to Persians about Mnt. Pass, made trade to Xerces


Mathematician, invented Prime #s, found diameter of the Earth (off 100 miles), said Earth was round, wanted to blend knowledge and culture


first historian ever who was biased (Athenian), always thought the people that were fighting Athens sucked


People who lived on Crete were called this, then migrated to Greece along the coast


known as the father of education, outspoken critic of Sophists, he made people question themselves and defend their answers (Socratic Method). comitted sucide by drinking hemlock and crushed up glass


Mathematician, invented Pythagorean Theorem, made triangles and area


the second historian who was the most accurate historian, used eye witnesses to get the full picture

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