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Santa Fe Trail

What was the first major western trail?

Manifest Destiny

What was the idea that the nation had a God-given right to all of North America?

He was killed by an angry mob.

What happened to Joseph Smith when the Mormons were forced out of Nauvoo?

John Sutter

On whose land was gold first discovered?

Offered quicker mail service than ever before; lasted for 18 months.

What was the Pony Express?

What was the mission system?

Small settlements designed to convert Native Americans to Catholicism

What was the name of the fort in San Antonio that rebel Texan forces captured?

The Alamo was the name of the fort that rebel Texan forces captured.

What was an empresario?

Contractors who recruited settlers and established colonies in Mexico

What was the first battle of the Texas Revolution?

Battle of Gonzales

Who ordered that 340 Tejanos and Anglos to be executed?

Santa Anna

Why did many southerners support the Texas annexation?

Texas allowed slavery

Who was the President during the Mexican-American War?

James K. Polk

What was the name of the treaty that ended the Mexican-American War?

Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo

What was the land Mexico was forces to turn over to the U.S. after the war called?

Mexican Cession

Who gave empresarios permission to settle in Texas?

Mexican government

Which side won the Battle on San Jacinto in 1836?

Texans over the Mexicans

The Mexican army laid siege to the Alama for how long?

12 days and 12 nights

What did Sam Houston order his troops to do when he learned of the disasters of the Alamo or Goliad?

Retreat back to the East

What was Santa Anna's main military goal in capturing the Alamo?

Punish rebels and put down unrest

What was the Bear Flag Revolt?

Uprising of Americans against Mexican rule in California

Why did most Native Americans reject the mission life offered by the Spanish?

They would have had to give up their religion and culture

Who captured the Mexican capital in the Mexican-American War?

Winfield Scott

Who was the head of the Texas army?

Sam Houston

Who started "gold fever" with his 1848 State of the Union address?

James K. Polk

What was the name of the general who captured Santa Fe and took control of New Mexico?

Stephen Kearny

Which trail was used primarily for trading with Mexico?

Santa Fe Trail

Why did most people go on the Oregon Trail?


During which year did the most migrants travel on the Oregon Trail?


How much money was John Slidell authorized to spend to buy parts of California, New Mexico, and Arizona?


What state did most Mormons migrate to between 1847 and 1853?


This trail was used primarily for trading with Mexico

Santa Fe Trail

Cause: American immigration to the Oregon Territory expands rapidly

Effect: The U.S. and British Canada agree on a permanent boundary

Stephen F. Austin recruited Americans to settle land in Texas is an example of the ____________ system.


Which religion did the Spanish, using the mission system, wish to convert Native Americans to?


What was the Santa Fe Trail used primarily for?

Commercial and trade

What happened to President Polk's campaign slogan "Fifty-four Forty or Fight"?

Polk abandoned this slogan after he won the election.

Mexican officials limited immigration to Texas and ________________ in order to decrease American influence.

banned the importation of slaves

What did William Travis do?

Defended the Aalamo against Santa Anna's larger forces.

Why was the Alamo significant in the Texas Revolution?

It was a rallying cry for independence.

Mexico's response to John Slidell's mission was to ________________.

Refuse to meet with him

True or False: Some leaders opposed the war.

True, leaders like Henry Clay opposed the war.

True or False: Before the Texas Revolution, the governments of Mexico and the U.S. were trusting of each other.

False, they were not trusting of each other.

True or False: Many Texans had never considered themselves to be Mexican citizens.

True, Texans did not consider themselves citizens of Mexico.

True or False: The Gadsden Purchase clarified national boundaries and gave the U.S. more land.

True, the Gadsden Purchase gave the U.S. more land.

Texans of Mexican heritage


On which trail did Bringham Young and his people follow?

Mormon Trail

Person willing to invest money in order to make a profit


Former mission in San Antonio in which Texans suffered a terrible defeat.

The Alamo was the former Mission in which Texans suffered a terrible defeat.

A network of riders that delivered mail

Pony Express

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