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cultural relativism

...The anthropological foundation perspective that a culture's customs and ideas should be viewed within the context of that culture


...used by sociologists and is learning process with emphasis on social interaction

3 types of marriage

monogamy(unites 2 individuals)
polygyny(one mans and 2 or more wives) - Laos
polyandry( one wife and 2 or more husbands) -Tibet

considerations for ongoing marriage

arranged marriages (agreement between goups - alliances) - India
levirate erogamy - when a man dies, his brother
or close relative marries his wife
socorate - when a woman dies, her sister or
close relative marries her widow
endogamy - appropriate spouse must come
from INSIDE your group
exogamy - appropriate spouse comes from
OUTSIDE your group.

financial considerations to marriage

bride wealth
bride service
dowry ( transfer of wealth from bride's family to groom's family)
bride price (transfer of wealth from groom's family to bride - ex:cows)

kinds of kin

fictive fin

marriage residence rules

patrilocal residence
matrilical residence
neolocal residence

family structure

nuclear family
extended family

holism approach that studies humans by examing all aspects of the human experience


...belief that other cultures are inferior to one's own

emic approach event in a culture wuld be an explanation that derives from the natives of that culture

etic approach


culture shock

...psychological disorientation experienced when attempting to operate in a radically different cultural environment

types of kin

consanguines (relatives by blood)
affines (relatives by marriage)
fictive kin (kin not related by marriage or blood -
ex - godparents)


term used bu anthropologists and is learning process with emphasis on cultural content

culture is

shared ( to give it meaning)
adaptive (clothing, housing, food)
passed on from generation to generation

cultural systems perspective

shared beliefs (ideas, values)
behaviors (patterns, customs)
artifacts (material possesions)


basic ideas


laws, folkaways, social laws


social position


current behaviors that people deem appropriate

things that don't hold up cross-culturally

ex: headmaster gave a green hat(school colors) to a boy from Taiwan. Taiwan boy did not enroll because in Taiwan green hat symbolizes having an unfaithful wife.

ex: time - US being on time important but in South America time is not important

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