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Ivory color with rusty points

Describe the color perlino

Silver dapple

What color is unique to the Shetland pony?


Which pinto color pattern can be confused with blotchy roaning?


Dark hairs in the mane or tail of a palomino may not exceed what percent?

Medicine Hat

What is the term used for a horse who is almost entirely white except for color areas over the ears, and perhaps the eyes, chest and base of tail?


What is the name of the pigment in a horses skin?

Most have pigmented eyes

Why are most white horses not considered albinos?

Combination of the tobiano and overo patterns.

Describe the tovero hair coat color.

Shetland pony, Miniature horse or rocky mountain horse

A coat color of dappled chestnut with a silver or white mane and tail is commonly associated with which breed?

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