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  1. Neurons
  2. Interneurons
  3. Cuticle
  4. Central nervous system
  5. Cell body
  1. a Nerve cells.
  2. b The part of the nervous system that is comprised of the brain and spinal cord.
  3. c Nerve cells found within the CNS which communicate between affector and effector neurons.
  4. d Part of the neuron that contains the nucleus. Also called the soma.
  5. e Waxy outer layer on a leaf.

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  1. Compound that when added to a fluid loewrs the freezing point of the fluid.
  2. Feedback that tends to stabilize a process or conditions by reducing its rate or output when its effects are too great.
  3. Neurons that transmit information about changes in external or internal conditions to the central nervous system. Also called sensory neurons.
  4. Exntension of a nerve cell along which impulses are transmitted away from that cell.
  5. Sytstem of ductuless glands that produce hormones which are released directly into the bloodstream.

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  1. AdaptationsLoss of water from the surfaces of a plant.


  2. PoikilothermicOrganims whose body temperature varies with the external environment. Ectothermic.


  3. Countercurrent exchangeExtent of variation in an environmental factor within which a species can survive.


  4. HomeothermicOrganism whose body temperature fluctuates with its surroundings.


  5. Peripheral nervous systemSub-branch of the nervous system involving all nerves that lie outside the brain and spinal cord.