Bacillus cereus
Which pathogen is commonly linked with cooked rice dishes?
Ciguatoxin in a red snapper
Which is a biological contaminant?
between 41F and 135F
Pathogen are likely to grow well in a meat stew that is
What is one factor that affects the growth of microorganisms in food?
Which is a TCS food?
using shields on fluorescent lightbulbs where food is stored.
The risk of physical contaimination can be reduced by
Conduct a hazard analysis
What is the first step in developing a HACCP plan
90 days after the last shellfish was sold or served from the container
How long must shellstock tags be kept on file?
Inspect all food immediately before storing it.
When receiving a delivery of food for an operation, it is important to ...
No USDA or state department of agriculture inspection stamp
For which condition should you reject a shipment of fresh chicken?
Cut melon should be stored at what internal temperature?
All ready-to-eat TCS food that will be stored for longer than _______ hours must be labeled
7 days
How long can refrigeration food that is prepped on-site be stored in a cooler?
food storage
If cleaned and sanitized, an empty food container can be reused for
To inform staff of use and hazards associated with chemicals used in the operation
What is the purpose of Material Safety Data Sheets?
Should be used by
Stored food that was prepped on-site should be labeled with the date it
at room temperature
What is one way that food should NEVER be thawed
145F or higher for 15 seconds
What is the minimum internal cooking temperature of seafood?
Food must be cooled from 135F to ____ within 2 hours.
What type of container should be used to transport TCS food from the place of preparation to the place of service.
Labels on food
When transporting food off-site, how should information such as reheating instructions be communicated to off-site staff?
135F or above
Hot TCS food being held for off-site service must be at what temperature?
Hot food can be held intentionally without temperature control for _____ hours.
Curved, sealed edge between a floor and a wall.
What is coving?
Which probe should be used to check the temperature of a pork roast?
Restrict the foodhandler from working with food
What should a manager of a quick-service operation do if a foodhandler reports having a sore throat and a fever?
Plain-band ring
Which piece of jewelry is a foodhandler allowed to wear
10-15 seconds
As part of hand-washing, foodhandlers must scrub their hands and arms for
In a heat-sanitizing dishwasher, what is the minimum temperature for the final rinse
every 4 hours during continual use, and more often as needed
A foodhandler who spends an entire shift forming hamburger patties should change gloves
air gap
What is the only way to prevent backflow?
A foodhandler must be excluded from the operation for which symptom
41F to 135F
What is the temperature range of the "Danger Zone"
What is a form some bacteria take to keep from dying when they do not have enough food
Most regulations for food service operations are written at what level
41F or lower
What is the internal temperature should raw meat, poultry, and seafood be stored?
food allergies
Peanuts and soy products are dangerous for people with what condition
practice the skill
To learn a new skill learners must be given the opportunity to
Who should apply pesticides in an operation
Close the affected area and clean it
A backup of raw sewage has occurred in the kitchen, what should happen next
Minimum internal cooking temperature of food
When using a bottom-to-top shelving order what determines the best placement of food in the cooler
sliced cantaloupe
An example of a TSC food is
Raw of undercooked dishes for high populations must use eggs that have been
The effectiveness of chemical sanitizers is not effected by its
in a secure storage areas away from food
Where should be pesticides be stored
First in, first out
Food in storage should be rotated using which method?
Time temperature abuse
What can cause histamine to form in tuna
touching the walls
Food stored in dry-storage area should not be
Chili that is being reheated for hot holding must reach what temperature for 15 seconds for 2 hours
Show if food has been time temperature abused during shipment
What do time temperature indicators do
What is the minimum internal cooking temperature for poultry
Surface temperature
What is an infrared laser thermometer used to measure
Cold TCS food must be received at what internal temperature
What is the minimum cooking temperature for TCS food to be cooked in a microwave