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Triple Alliance

Before the war, this included Austria- Hungary, Germany, and Italy

Treaty of Brest- Litovsk

Germany acquired Russian land from this agreement.

Alexander Kerensky

He became the leader of Russia right after the czar's abdication.


The Germans made use of these to counteract the British navy


Means "ceasefire"

Conscription/ Draft

Increased the size of the American army prior to its entry into World War I

Eastern Front

The Russians were ineffective at controlling the fighting in this area.

Edward House

He headed a committee that created the 14 points.

Neutrality (U.S.)

Wilson and the U.S. initially had this policy regarding World War I

Gavrilo Princip

An anarchist who was responsible for killing Archduke Ferdinand and his wife.

Eugene V. Debs

American socialist leader who was arrested under the Espionage Act.

A. Mitchell Palmer

Among other things, he closed down immigrant newspapers for being disloyal.

Allied Powers

This alliance refers to the fighting agreement between Russia, France, and Britain.

Czar Nicholas II

He led Russian soldiers on the Eastern Front.

Western Front (Border between France and Germany)

Most of World War I was fought here


This group changed its name to the Communist Party.


The sinking of this passenger ship was used for propaganda value by the U.S. and Britain.

"Bread, Land, Peace"

When Lenin came to power, he created this slogan


Region where many Slavs were controlled by the Austrian and Turkish Empires.

Conscription (U.S.)/ Draft

Government requires people to join the army.

Barbed Wire

This sometimes tripped up soldiers as they dashed through no man's land

Kaiser Wilhelm II

He fired Bismarck and negated the Reinsurance Treaty

Baltic Sea

Russia wanted more ports along this body of water

Adriatic Sea

Serbia hoped to gain a port on this body of water.

Paris Gun

German gun which could fire a shell up to 130 km

Kaiser Wilhelm I

He was Otto von Bismarck's mentor.

Gallipoli Peninsula

The Turks were waiting for ANZAC soldiers on this body of land


The nation's king had a special arrangement with the British

Reinsurance Treaty

Bismarck created this agreement with the Russians because he feared Austrian impulsiveness

Alsace & Lorraine

These two areas were a source of tension between France and Germany


A German speaking area that is now part of the Czech Republic


The Russian legislative body

Strait of Dardenelles

Waterway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea

No Man's Land

Battlefield between enemy trenches

Non-Agression Pacts (GB, U.S., Japan)

Britain made these agreements because they felt that their dominance of the seas was threatened


Franz Ferdinand met his death in this Bosnian city

Winston Churchill

He was the author of the battle plan at Gallipoli

Two- Front War

For Germany this meant a war with Russia and France at the same time

Battle of Verdun

The Germans attacked here, forty miles into France

First Battle of the Marne

Instead of invading Paris, the Germans were stuck here in a battle against the British, French, and Belgians


Means the glorification of military power.


This nation considered itself to be the big brother to all Slavs

Battle of the Somme

The British and French attacked Germany in the northeast corner of France.

Anzac (Australians and New Zealanders)

Recruited by the British to distract the Turks in Gallipoli

Ottoman-Turk Empire

They were known as the "sick man of Europe."


Austria called on this country to support its invasion of Serbia

Franz Ferdinand

He was in Sarajevo on a good will mission

Flame Thrower

This weapon required two people to operate on it.

Vladimir Lenin

He had been in exile for years prior to taking over Russia.

Second Industrial Revolution

This led to European nations gaining more sophisticated weapons


Bismarck circumvented the Parliament to make this nation into a military power


This nation joined Austria and Germany to form the Triple Alliance


This nation joined with France and Britain to form the Triple Entente.

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