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Homologous chromosomes

one of two paired chromosomes, one from each parent, that carries genes for a specific trait at the same location


cell with half the number of chromosomes as a diploid cell


haploid sex cell, formed during meiosis, that can be combined with another haploid sex cell and produce a diploid fertilized egg


reduction division process, occurring only in reproductive cells, in which one diploid cell produces four haploid cells that are not genetically identical.

crossing over

exchange of chromosomal segments between a pair of homologous chromosmes during Prophase I of Meiosis


functional unit that controls inherited trait expression that is passed on from one generation to another


alternative form that a single gene may have for a particular trait


most common, shown most common, appears the most, masks the recessive trait


hidden or masked; less common


organism with 2 of the smae alleles for a specific trait


organism with 2 different alleles for a specific trait


an organism's allele pairs


observable characterisitic that is expressed as a result of an allele pair.


the chances of getting a specific result

sex-linked traits

characteristic controlled by genes on the X chromosome


individual heterozygous for a recessive disorder

sex chromosomes

X or Y chromosome; paired sex chromosmes determine an individual's gender


chromsome that is not a sex chromosome


organism heterozygous for a specific trait

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