Cultural Literacy Vocabulary Week Twenty

Cultural Literacy Vocabulary Week Twenty Art
Auld Lang Syne
Traditional Scottish song that is sung on New Year's Eve
Bach, Johann Sebastian
German composer, organist, and choirmaster of the 1700's
Simple song or poem that tells a story
Elaborate dance presented on stage set to instrumental music
A dramatic and often fancy style or art
The lowest male singing voice
"Battle Hymn of the Republic"
A patriotic hymn from the Civil War
The Beatles
A British rock and roll group from the mid to late 1960's
Beethoven, Ludwig van
A German musician of the 1700s who is considered one of the best composers of all time
Big Ben
The nickname for the bell in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament
A style of music developed in the South in the 1940s; uses guitar, violin, and banjo
A kind of sad, slow music, usually with words
A family of musical instruments that are made of brass
Brooklyn Bridge
Spans of the East River between Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York City
A type of music that originated in the West Indies
"Camptown Races"
A folk song by the 19th century composer Stephen Foster
A folk song that expresses happiness or joy and sung on festive occasions
"Casey Jones"
A popular American folk song about a railroad engineer
A Christian church that is usually the home of a bishop
Cave paintings
Paintings on cave walls are some of the earliest works of art
Half a loaf is better than none
To have something is better than to have nothing at all
Haste makes waste
If you do something too quickly, you will make even more work for yourself
Hit the nail on the head
To go straight to the heart of the matter
In hot water
In deep trouble