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or copy


a graphic icon that can be clicked to perform a specific task


controls that tell the computer to perform a particular task




an organized way to store info so that it is easy for the computer to search for information


a setting that a program automatically selects if you do not specify a substitute.

dialog box

used to enter specific information to perform a task


one peice of data,such as a customers name in a database


help you organize various databases so you can find them quickly


an organized set of commands that relates to a specific activity


the arrow used to select on screen items,


asks access to find data from one or more tables


a toolbar that allows users to quickly find commands


made up of fields related to one particular item in the table


a panal in microsoft office that organizes commands into tabs

scroll bar

allow you to see all the data in a table

shared access

..., a shared page


a clickable area of the ribbon that displays menu options


contains columns and rows

title bar

ther bar at the top of the screen that displays the name of the current window


or measure


`an object opn a form or report that displays data


factual info used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation


a lists of preset formulas tht are used to solve equations

database template

you can search both access and online to find the appropriate styl

design view

to design tables


as the number of characters

data type

whether it represents a date/time

primary key

ensures that each record is unique

totals row

function offers and quik and simple way top summerize columns of data in a tble to get totals, averages, maximums, minimums, and other calculations


or object that displays data or performs an action

property sheet

the field properties in a list

table analyzer wizard

the wizard can analyz, the info. in a tble and them make changes to streamline the data


or column reading

lookup field

which will contain all the possible data choices for the field

attachment field

useful for linking to a database files and other objects that might not fit into one field

input mask

allows you to specify how you want information such as zip codes and phone numbers to be formatted in your database


is a link between two tables based on a common field

referntial integrity

makes sure taht the related data in two tables always exists and is complete


shows summary data for data grouped by two fields

unmatched query

finds records without matching related data


finds multiple records that contain the same data in a field

split form

contains a datasheet in one half and a form in the other


is a form that is inserted into another form


can display much more data and present it in several different ways

layout view

to see how your data will look when printed

group header

helps further refine reports by sorting information into helpful groups

aggregate functions

gunctions that can be gathered together


formats other existing databases like the one you copied from


make sure it is structured correctly and that there are no repeated groups of info



inner join

tells the query to return only those rows from one tabnle and only the rows from the othre table that match

left-outer join

inbcludes all the rows from the first table

right outer join

includes all the rows from the second table


is an alternative name givin to a table or field in an expression


a graphic that organizes data visually


a tool that reports the characteristics of database objects and their parts


to use a password to add security to your data

object dependency

refers to the fact that a database object that uses second database object is dependent on the second object


a string of characters used to encrypt a database


an onscreen sample of a page from a form or report

quick print

a print options that prints the report right away without opening the print dialog box

union query

a query that merges data from seperate queries into one query

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