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S- delay, hold up
A- advance
Sentence: The young man was upset when his plane was DEFERRED for another hour, due to the severe thunderstorm outside.


S- squirm, struggle
A- be still
Sentence: The possessed girl was WRITHING while she was being held down for a exorcism.


S- wistful, dreamy, thoughtful
A- shallow, ignorant
Sentence: The PENSIVE girl was very dreamy and thoughtful.


S- modest, shy, timid
A- shameless, outgoing, bold
Sentence: The DEMURE woman was very modest due to her religion and the way she was raised.


S- determine, distinguish, judge
A- overlook, neglect, disregard
Sentence: The DISCERNING man was a very good judge of character and accepted the woman's help.


S- seduce, con, entice
A- repel
Sentence: In the movie "Black Swan", the black swan BEGUILES the prince to fall in love with her instead of the white swan.

Depravity (Depraved)

S- corrupt, wicked, immoral
A- improve, moralize
Sentence: The DEPRAVED man turned corrupt and wicked after the loss of his wife and son.


S- postponement, reprieve
A- continuation
Sentence: The judge gave everyone a RESPITE so that the jury could find the verdict of the convicted man.


S- pale blue, sky-blue, cerulean
A- dark?
Sentence: The clear sky was the color of AZURE.


S- ancient, antique
A- modern, new, young
Sentence: The ARCHAIC pyramids in Egypt are very ancient.


S- flutter, quiver, shiver
A- be still
Sentence: The girl's heart started to PALPITATE as she saw her boyfriend with roses in his hands. She pressed a hand to her chest, as if to stop her fluttering heart.


S- scatter, branch, divide
A- converge, join
Sentence: The one road DIVERGED into two roads.

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