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An original example of a certain person or thing.


having complete or unlimited knowledge


A figure of speech that doesn't really make sense (e.g. You're a jumbo shrimp)


a situation where something contradicts itself
think about the statement, "This sentence is false."

Standard English

Standard English basically means how we say words in English, or how we write. Not using slang.


a accusation of people with a same trait (e.g. blond haired people are stupid)


The arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language. Proper grammar


a trite or obvious remark


Something that represents something else.

Metric feet

A metric foot is occasionally used in the United Kingdom (UK) for a length of 300 millimeters (30 cm).


A person or thing that is the exact opposite of someone or something else


a pair or series of related words (e.g.) phrases, or clauses.

Pathetic fallacy

the treatment of inanimate objects as if they had human feelings

Iambic pentameter

a type of rhythm in poetry that sounds like da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM (five da-DUMs)
iambic means the stressed syllable comes second (e.g. "re-VERSE" as opposed to "AP-ril")


pronounced "SIN-neck-duh-key"

a device in which a part signifies the whole or the whole signifies the part. To say "threads" for "clothes" or "wheels" for "car"


The action of scanning a line of verse to determine its rhythm

× / × / × / × / × /
When I | consid | er how | my light | is spent

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