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  1. criteria
  2. database template
  3. duplicate query
  4. pointer
  5. field
  1. a a sample database used by the Database Wizard to create a new database.
  2. b conditions that are set in a query.
  3. c the arrow used to select on-screen items, such as menus and buttons.
  4. d one piece of data that describes something.
  5. e a database query that finds records with the same data in a field.

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  1. an organized way to store information so that it is easy for the computer to search for information.
  2. a label that corresponds with a picture or diagram
  3. displays input choices form another table so you can enter data by choosing it for a list.
  4. a window listing the properties for an object.
  5. a column in a table whose values uniquely identify the rows in the table.

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  1. Design Viewthe view that allows you to change the structure of a database object.


  2. insertthe arrow used to select on-screen items, such as menus and buttons.


  3. dataa toolbar that allows users to quickly find commands.


  4. functiona list of preset formulas that are used to solve equations.


  5. taba clickable area of the ribbon that displays menu options.