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  1. dialog box
  2. database template
  3. control
  4. Totals Row
  5. unmatched query
  1. a a query that finds records without matching related data.
  2. b a box opened by a menu commands that allows you to select options or specify information to perform the command.
  3. c an object on a form or report that displays data
  4. d a sample database used by the Database Wizard to create a new database.
  5. e a function that can summarize columns of data in a table to give you totals, averages, minimums, and maximums and other calculations simply and quickly.

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  1. a label that corresponds with a picture or diagram
  2. to examine and note similarities or differences.
  3. a clickable area of the ribbon that displays menu options.
  4. a link between two tables basedon a common field.
  5. controls that tell the computer to perform a particular task.

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  1. functiona list of preset formulas that are used to solve equations.


  2. lookup fieldone piece of data that describes something.


  3. queryan instruction that tells a database to show only certain information


  4. controla part or share of something.


  5. insertto add text to a document.