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  1. insert
  2. button
  3. redundant
  4. property
  5. property sheet
  1. a exceeding what is necessary.
  2. b a graphic icon that can be clicked to perform a specific task.
  3. c to add text to a document.
  4. d a detail about an object, such as the size or default value.
  5. e a window listing the properties for an object.

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  1. caculates a sum, average, count, or other type of total for data that is grouped by two fields-one across the top of the datasheet.
  2. a list of preset formulas that are used to solve equations.
  3. a setting that a program automatically selects if tyou do not specify a subsitute. for example, word 2007 had default margin setting that you can change.
  4. ...
  5. an object on a form or report that displays data, such as a text box or check box, or a button that lets users control a program.

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  1. criteriaconditions that are set in a query.


  2. pointerto add text to a document.


  3. duplicate querya database query that finds records with the same data in a field.


  4. data typetells what type of data a field can hold


  5. recordan instruction that tells a database to show only certain information