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fresh water

water that has very little salt (almost none)


huge sheet of moving ice


underground supply of water

what is water important to?

environment, plants and animals

most animals and plants need fresh water to live, why is this a problem?

not much of the Earth's water is fresh

almost all of the freshwater on Earth is found where?

glaciers in Antarctica

where can freshwater be found?

glaciers, rain, melted snow, groundwater

what is groundwater?

water that is found underground

Why is groundwater important?

people use groundwater to supply their homes with water

What type of water is most of the Earth covered with?

salt water

Where is salt water found?

oceans, gulfs and seas. sometimes lakes

What lake has salt water?

Great Salt Lake

Is salt water important?

yes for many reasons


the process of a gas turning into a liquid


change from a liquid to a gas


rain, sleet, snow or hail

water cycle

water moving from Earth's land, through rivers toward the ocean, to the air and then back again

solid water is ...


water in the gas form is called...

water vapor

What does the state of water depends on?


water at room temperature


Water when it gets cold

freezes into ice

when water gets hot enough

turns to water vapor (a gas)

water vapor (gas) loses thermal energy it becomes....

liquid water

when water changes from its gas state to a liquid state



air around Earth


gas that people need to live


what is happening in the atmosphere at a certain place and time


measure of how hot or cold something is


measures wind speed

weather depends on...

where a place is

what is used in predicting weather

weather instruments

what are weather instruments

thermometers, anemometers, weather satellites

Sun's rays warm Earth's land and water causing water to...

evaporate and rise

when ice gains thermal energy

changing state of water to liquid water

What are glaciers made of?


What happens to water vapor as it moves upward in the air?

forms clouds

What is the sequence of water from the coldest to hottest temperatures?

ice, liquid water, water vapor

If water vapor loses thermal energy what process will occur?


what instrument would you use to measure wind speed?


What are the lowest clouds in the atmosphere?


When liquid water gains thermal energy what happens?

changes state to water vapor a gas

When water vapor loses thermal energy what happens?

changes state to liquid water

When liquid water loses thermal energy what happens?

water changes state to ice

Cooler temperatures high in the air causes water vapor to....


water droplets collect on dust particles and form....


when drops get big enough what falls from the clouds?


rainwater flows across the ground. where does it go?

lakes, rivers, ocean, soil, groundwater

What clouds are the highest?


what cloud looks like a wisp of hair?


What clouds are lower than cirrus but not as low as stratus?


what clouds are puffy?


What clouds look like a sheet or layer of clouds?


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