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pony club D3 knowlege
Describe formal attire
Black ASTM/SEI helmet with black cover, black field or dress boots, clean and polished, whie, buff, canary or tan breeches, belt required if belt loops, White shirt with neckband collar, long sleeves, white stock tie with plain gold safety pin fastened horizontally through the knot. Solid black, navy blue or dark grey coat. Gloves optional, black or brown, white for dressage only. Pony club pin on front of helmet or jacket lapel, plain stock tie only jewelry. Neat and tidy hair, braided or bun or in helmet, hair net must be used. The coat color determines whether formal or informal attire
Describe informal attire
properly fitted ASTM/SEI helmet, black or brown riding boots, jodphur boots or equivalent- clean and polished, breeches or jodphurs, garters or elastic foot straps with jodphurs, belt if belt loops. Shirt-ratcatcher, turtleneck or plain collar shirt with sleeves, plain polo shirt acceptable in hot weather. Tie, not required with turtleneck, colored stock tie with plain pin or neckband (pin optional), hunt coat any color not black or navy, brown or black gloves optional, neat and tidy hair with hairnet
Describe proper adjustment of snaffle bridle
properly fitted snaffle should make 1-2 gentle wrinkles at the corners of the pony's mouth. Bit should be about 1/4 inch wider than pony's mouth. Browband long enough so bridle doesn't rub or pinch ears. Throatlash - loose enough to allow pony to flex neck without binding - should be able to fit a fist between throatlash and pony's cheek. Crownpiece should have 2 extra holes above cheekpiece buckles. Cavesson noseband 1 finger width below cheekbones, inside cheekpieces, snug. You should be able to slide a finger under all parts of bridle
Discuss 3 reasons for performing balancing and suppling exercises
1. warm up your muscles
2. to help improve rider balance and coordination
3. improve control of hands and legs
Discuss the aids used to ride a 20 meter circle
legs - inside leg in regular positon, outside leg slightly behind girth to keep pony's hindquarters from swinging out
seat should swivel rather than leaning sideways to keep pony from falling in
reins- inside rein asks pony to look in the right direction, outside rein tells him not to go to fast or make circle too wide
Discuss ways to control your pony in the open
keep a safe distance ( one pony length) from the other ponies, stay with the group, don't take off fast and leave any riders behind, don't try to hold your pony back too far from the group, use a pulley rein, circle