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roll into

Nearly 20,000 people rolled into San Francisco last week


for aspiring programmers

an average of

earn an average of about $90,000 a year

in revenue

earn a company billions of dollars in revenue

tie into

something that ties into what people want to do


They want to dictate the outcomes.

engaging experiences

have interactive and engaging experiences with the content


Video games are becoming a lot more mainstream


the I'm-in-the-closet-being-weird kind of hobby

on a tear

the video game industry has been on even more of a tear


developers can entice more players

would have said

If you asked me seven years ago, I would have said that...

in the midst of

They are in the midst of a major transformation.

rule the day

consoles and disks once ruled the day


It's expanded the user base


take this big funnel now that's coming in

a smashing success

San Francisco-based Zynga became a smashing success

on a global basis

where we need to be on a global basis

create a stir

it doesn't always take millions to create a stir

a top grosser

a low-budget film that becomes a top grosser

broaden their base

At a time when many industries can't broaden their base

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