24 terms

mag. elec review sheet

a piece of stone, metal or ore that has the power to attract iron or steel magnets are often shapes of bars, horse shoes, disc, and circles. If you break a magnet in half, you end up with two magnets
permanet magnet
magnet that keeps its magnetism for a long time
temporary magnet
a magnet that keeps its magnetism for a very short time
the ends of the magnet
an instrument that shows the direction; used by pilots, salors, and hikers to find their way
the push and pull of a magnet
to together pull
to push apart
a rock found in the earth that is a permanent magnet
magnetic field
the area around a magnet that you feel when you bring two magnets close together; it is invisible to the eye.
a path for electric current from the negative end of a power source to a positive end
closed circuit
a complete circuit where the electricity travels from the battery (source) through the wire, switch, bulb, and back to the battery
open circuit
a broken or incomplete circuit
a mesure of the extra positive or negative particles that an object has
electric current
the flow of electric charges
a device which may be used to open/close a circuit
a material that allows electricity to pass through it (copper or water for example)
a material that does not allow electricity to pass through it (examples include rubber and glass)
a power source (we use d cell in are experiments
the amount of space something takes up
3 states of matter
solid, liquid, gas
describe the change in volume of matter
changes with temperature, resulting in a change in the state of matter.
how does matter change if heated
its volume will usually increase
If a solid, and gas is cooled
its volume will decrease