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6th grade, History, Chapter 10


Who were those who created art from things like porcelain; painters were considered to be this?

landscape painting

What was the most common type of painting?

stare at a screen for hours, then go inside and paint from memory

Give a description of how an artist painted landscapes:

stored in rolled-up scrolls in cases; displayed on special occasions

Give a description of where paintings were placed:


What is the Greek word that means "beautiful writing":

stories of beautiful symbols

What did the Chinese use to create art?


What was also a form of art?


What was created as Buddhist temples, but were later used for other purposes?


During Japan's golden years, what missionary's were sent to live in Japan?

new styles of clothes
new ideas
new religion

The Buddhist missionaries brought new things with them such as?

that every object or creature in nature has a god

Buddhist religion teaches what?


What is the main religion in Japan?

How to read & write Chinese
Study Chinese literature
Create Chinese art

The Buddhists missionary's taught the Japanese the following things?

Jimmu Tenno

The Japanese also believe in EMPEROR WORSHIP, who was supposed to be descended from the sun goddess' grandson?


Which groups of people claimed to have common ancestors in early society?


Which clan had the most power because they said they were related to Jimmu Tenno the grandson of the sun goddess?


The Yamato clan moved the capital to a new location, which was?


What family came into power after the capital was moved to Heian-kyo?

Have manners
Read & write Chinese

What did the Japanese students have to learn:


Who were the only ones to attend school in Japan?


Who were the only ones that could have government positions?

court etiquette

Japanese education included instruction in ________ or manners?


What did people in count have to have & not show emotions at any time?

language & Chinese language

The Japanese had their own _________ & what did they speak in court?


What period did the Japanese form their language, but it was difficult to learn?

Japanese language

What language became common during the Heian Age?

wealthy women

Who mainly wrote Japanese literature?

Tale of Genji

One Heian woman wrote the _______ which tells the story of Prince Genji?


They wrote in ______ because women were not believed capable of writing in Chinese.


Poetry was important during this time_______ became popular?

1. brilliant colors
2. use of everyday objects
3. Ikebana

Name characteristics of Japanese Art?


What is a special type of Japanese art that involved arranging flowers?


How many main islands is Japan made up of?

coal, zinc, copper, lead & gold

What are the natural resources Japan has?

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