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  1. jugar al boliche
  2. hacer alarde de
  3. hacer mal tiempo
  4. tener ganas de
  5. refunfuñar
  1. a to display, to show off
  2. b to go bowling
  3. c to have a bad time
  4. d to grumble, to moan
  5. e to feel like

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  1. to give a gift to someone
  2. to take a walk, to take a ride
  3. reading
  4. to record, to tape
  5. sport trading card

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  1. campistato calm down


  2. onírico/afilmed


  3. leer tiras cómicasto read comic strips


  4. arrancarto start, to pull up, to uproot


  5. filmado/afilmed