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6.1 geography of early China.

How did China's physical geography effect China?
China's physical geography made farming possible but travel and communication difficult.
Where did civilization begin.
Civilization began in China along the Huang he and Chang Jiang rivers.
China's first dynasties helped chinese society develop and made many other achievements.
The China's first dynasties helped chinese society develop and made many other achievements.
A hard gemstone.
A prediction.
In which part of China is the gobi desert?
The gobi desert spreads over most of China's north, and rugged mountains on the western frontier.
Where did the Chinese first grow rice?
They grew rice in 7000 BC.
Under which dynasty were the first flood control channels built in China?
The first flood control channels were built during the Xia dynasty.
Which dynasty created China's writing system?
The Shang is the dynasty that created China's writing system.
One of the physical barriers that separates China from its neighbors is a harsh desert called the.
The. , or yellow river stretches for nearly 3,000 miles across northern China.
Huang He.
Early Chinese filled tombs with food and other items, and the graves of many rich people contained beautiful objects made of.
According to ancient stories the. dynasty was founded by Yu the great, but archeologists have not yet found evidence that these stories are true.
The. dynasty made many advances
, including China's first writing system.
Bones were pieces of bone or she'll that Chinese priests believed they could read and predict the future.
The. cuts through central China and flows from the mountains of Tibet to the Pacific Ocean.
Chang jiang
China's first writing system used. , symbols that express words or ideas.
Name China's two major rivers.
The two major rivers are the jiang he and the Chang Jiang.
How did chinas geography affect its development.
Chinese like other ancient civilizations developed around its major river valley. China also had an advantage of being naturally protected by mountains and deserts which provided protection so that it could develop mostly, not totally protected from outside influence.
In which river valley did chinas first civilization begin?
The civilization began in Huang He or yellow river.
What made chinas river valleys ideal for farming.
Periodic floods in Hung He river brought alluvial and fertile soil that made the river valley ideal for farming.
What do Chinese artifacts reveal about chinas first civilization?
Filled tombs with objects in their life (you could tell about were they live from the stuff that they have in their tombs) in their tombs they had food because they believed in the afterlife. You could tell if they were rich or poor by how they filled their tombs (they might of put things in their that they liked about their place they lived in.
How do historians know about the Xia (shang) dynasty.
From ancient chinese stories that they left behind
What does the use of oracle tell you about early Chinese?
Priests caved questions about the future into the bones and shells-made them crack once they cracked priests could read about the future and that was their prediction.