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bio water 3

which coastal habitat is a mixing place of fresh and saltwater
ocean areas of high productivity are often found
where nutrient-rich water from the ocean depths wells up along coasts
some of the devastating effects of hurricane katrina occured because the natural ____ in the area vanished as a result of human activity
salt marshes
sea otters act as keystone species in the
kelp forests
zooxanthellae are
symbiotic algae that provide coral reefs with energy via their photosynthetic activity
hydrothermal vents
provide nutrients to symbiotic bacteria that support ecosystems at the ocean floor
salt marshes
occur mostly in temperate areas
what will hopefully reduce solid wastes in oceans
marine debris research, prevention and reduction act
the largest single source of oil that accumulates in the ocean is from
seepage from natural sources
communities that lie along shorelines between the farthest reach of high tide and the lowest reach of the lowest tides do not include
coral reefs
excessive nutrient concentrations in the oceans give rise to population explosions of
if oil accumulates in a body of water in small amounts over time as a result of leaks from boats and runoff from land, then this oil pollution is from
non-point sources
which ocean pollutant can enter the tissues of marine organisms and make fish and shellfish unsafe for us to eat
what is true of eutrophication in marine systems
it can lead to algal blooms and red tides that kill fish
managing fish populations by maintaining them at a maximum growth rate and achieving maximum yield while keeping fish available for the future is best called
maximum sustainable yield
populations in ocean fisheries have been dropping for decades, but the amount of fish caught has not shown this drop. what factor is responsible for hiding this drop in fish populations
advanced technology has allowed fishing fleets to more quickly find fish
when fish and other ocean organisms are caught accidentally along with targeted fish, it is called
which of the following fishing methods involves dragging weighted nets across the ocean floor in an attempt to catch groundfish
what ocean area would be a true protected area, free of fishing
marine reserves
what is true regarding marine reserves
they tend to increase species diversity
why are marine reserves ecologically better than fish farms
they restore damaged habitats and allow overfished species to reproduce and spread
currently, the greatest ecological crisis facing marine food webs is
hypoxia and autrophication in chesapeake bay may in part be attributed to
harvesting of oysters that previously would have filtered nutrients
most presentday fisheries managers
with to set aside areas of ocean where systems can function without human interference
the main environmental problem caused by harvesting bottom-dwelling mollusks is
habitat destruction