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3 Branches of Government, Constitution, Decl. of Ind.

Who makes up the Legislative Branch?
Congress; made up of House of Representatives (435 congressmen) and Senate (100 senators or representatives),
What does the Legislative Branch do?
LAWMAKERS; Introduce, Debate, Vote on bills (a law before it's passed);
Start amendments, Make or mint money, Collect money to run country using taxes.
Who makes up the Executive Branch?
The President (commander-in-chief), Vice President and President's Cabinet (heads of depts / advisors); White House
What does the Executive Branch do?
ENFORCES the laws
Leads the millitary; Vetoes laws; Gives ideas for bills to Congress; FBI, CIA; Declares states of emergency after natural disasters; Deals with other countries (foreign affairs)
Who is the Leader of the Executive Branch? What is his duty?
President Barrack Obama
Makes sure the laws of the US are enforced
Who makes up the President's Cabinet? How are they elected and how long do they serve?
The Heads of 15 executive branch departments; elected by President and serve as long as President does.
What does the Judicial Branch do?
INTERPRETS laws, settles legal disputes and upholds the US Constitution; It is made up of the Court System; discuss, debate & vote on laws
What is the highest court in the land?
US Supreme Court
How many US Justices are on the Supreme Court?
Nine - they serve for life; cheif justice + 8 other judges
When and where was the Declaration of Independence written?
July 4th, 1776 in Congress
What was the significance of the Declaration of Independence?
The colonists believed they had the right to form their own country, free of Britain.
What does the Declaration of Independence Declare?
All people are created equal
People have certain rights (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness) government can't take away.
People elect a government to insure this and if it doesn't, they elect a new one.
Explain the significance of the US Constitution
A Written PLAN for GOVERNMENT with laws & RULES; Separation of Powers - 3 branches of Gov't.; so that no one branch holds total control.
Explain Checks and Balances
Each branch of government keeps the others in line by: i.e. impeachment, veto, or veto or appointment override; so no one gets too much power.
What are the First 10 Amendments of the Constitution called?
The Bill of Rights
What are 5 rights protected by First Amendment?
Speech; Press; Religion; Assembly; Petition
Explain how an individual becomes a US Citizen.
Must live in States for 7 years
Be a good moral character
Must pass test on English and US History and Government.
OR Must be born in the US or US Territory or have US parents. (i.e. for adoption citizenship)
What is a Primary Source?
A source who was actually there or LIVED it.
Secondary Source?
An account of an event by someone who was not present at the event. ... a book, a copy of a photo of George Washington.
Who makes up the Judicial Branch?
Supreme Court, Justices (9), Cheif Justice, Associate Justices, Other Courts & judges
5 (five) characteristics that make up American Democracy
1. People govern
2. All US citizens have right & responsibility to vote
3. People are source of decisions for gov't.
4. Powers of gov't are limited by law.
5. Constitution guarantees basic right of individ'ls
Why is Dec. of Ind. an Important Document?
Said what they believed GOOD GOVERNMENT was:
1. All men created Equal, all same rights, NO KINGS to take rights away
2. All have Basic Rights - life, liberty, pursuit of happiness
3. PEOPLE HAVE POWER, a say. No taxation without representation.
4. Declared colonists wanted to be free of G. Britan's rule.
Why is the U.S. Constitution an important Document?
It's a written document that's a plan for a goverment. The plan has rules and laws that tell how government should work.
5(five) characteristics that make up American Democracy.
1. PEOPLE are source of government's authority (We the people)
2. All US citizens have the right & responsibility toVOTE.
3. People are the source of decisions in gov't. (can influence by being a good responsible citizen)
4. POWERS of Government are limited by law.
Checks and Balances AND Bill of Rights insure government does not get too much power.
5. Constitution guarantees the basic right of individuals. Things King George took away fr. them.
Four (4) ways Citizens support the US Constitution. MEMORIZE as Ways to Uphold the Constitution!!
ROPS - write this on your test when you see the question about upholding the Contstitution!!

1. Register for Selective Service
2. Obey Laws
3. Pay Taxes
4. Serve on Juries
Five (5) rights protected by the First Amendment.... know how to recognize which right is being used if given an example
1. Freedom of Speech
2. Freedom of Press
3. Freedom of Religion
4. Freedom of Assembly (peaceful protest)
5. Freedom of Petition (sign your name)