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Aegeus, -ei, m.


Aegides, -ae, m.

son of Aegeus

lectus, -i, m.

bed, couch

Neptunus, -i, m.


ora, -ae, f.

shore, sea shore

regio, -onis, f.

region, land

rus, ruris, n.

the country

tyrannus, -i, m.


votum, -i, n.

prayer, offering, vow

demitto, -ere, -misi, -missum

send away, send down

discedo, -ere, -cessi, -cessum

depart, go away

occido, -ere, occidi, -cisum


offero, -ferre, obtuli, oblatum

offer, present

persuadeo, -ere, -suasi, -suasum + dat


proficiscor, -cisci, -fectus sum

set out

suspicio, -ere, -cepi, -ceptum

undertake, offer

tollo, -ere, sustuli, sublatum


traditur, tradunt

it is said, handed down, people say

utor, uti, usus sum + abl.


ferreus, -a, -um


publicus, -a, -um


puerilis, -e


quam ob rem

for this reason

quis, quid

anyone, anything, someone, something

secundum + acc.

after, by, along

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