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Ariadna, -ae


camera, -ae

box, chamber, room

Daedalus, -i, m.


Dionysus, -i, m.


error, -oris, m.

error, wandering, mistake

ianua, -ae, f.


lignum, -i, n.


lumen, -inis, n.

light, eye, life

opus, -eris, n.

work, labour

Pasiphae, -ae, f.


patria, -ae, f.


sors, sortis, f.

lot, chance, lottery

conservo (1)

keep, preserve

constituo, -uere, -ui, -stitutum

decide, determine

dimitto, -ere, -misi, -missum

send away, let go, abandon

libet, -ere, libuit

it is pleasing

licet, -ere, licuit

it is permitted

ligo (1)

bind, tie, fasten

ocurro, -ere, -curri, -cursum + dat.

run, run against

oportet, -ere, oportuit

it is necessary

placet, -ere, placuit

it is pleasing

revenio, -ire, -veni, -ventum

come back, return

regalis, -e


saevus, -a, -um

savage, fierce

varius, -a, -um

different, varied, various

ambo, -ae, -o

both (of two)



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