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canis, canis, um, c.


furor, -oris, m.

madness, insanity

Hippolyta, -ae, f.


ius, iuris, n.

law, justice

libertas, -tatis, f.


Oedipus, -i, m.


princeps, -cipis, m.

chief, leader, prince

proelium, -ii, n.


cogo, -ere, coegi, coactum

force, compel

commoveo, -ere, -movi, -motum

shake, move, disturb

habeor, haberi (passive of habeo, habere)

be held, regarded, considered

malo, malle, malui


nolo, nolle, nolui

not wish, not want

obliviscor, -visci, oblatus sum + gen

forget, be forgetful of

pario, -ere, peperi, partum

give birth to

veto, -are, vetui, vetitum

forbid, prohibit

volo, velle, volui

want, wish

sapiens, -ientis


contra + acc.


non iam

no longer

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