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Describes hand, bidding for strong two bids (used in conjunction with Weak Two Convention)

What is a strong two bid?

An artificial bid which takes the place of all other bids on the 2 level, and is forcing to game

What is the distribution and shape of a strong two hand?

An opening bid of 2C (strong 2) requires at least 23 points or a hand with a self-sufficient suit that is at least within one trick of game. You may open with fewer points if your suit is long and strong and your hand meets the other requirements
A good, 5+-card suit (preferably a 6-card suit, especially if it's a minor).
Good quick tricks and controls in the other suits (A, K, shortness)
Playing strength to take at least 8 1/2 to 9 tricks if your suit is a major; 9 1/2 to 10 tricks if your suit is a minor

A bid of 2C is also known as:

Strong 2

What is the difference between 2C (strong two) and all other opening bids?

2c is an artificial bid, having nothing to do with clubs

What is the typical response to a 2C (strong two) opening?

With 0-7 points, respond 2D, which gives the partner a chance to give more information about their hand while conserving bidding space

What is the rebid following a 2D response to a 2C (strong two) opening?

Rebid actual suit, i.e, 2H, 2S, 3C, 3D with unbalanced hand. Rebid 2NT with balanced hand

Is a rebid following the 2D response to a 2C (strong two) forcing?


What is the response to a 2NT rebid following a strong 2?

Begin Stayman (3C) to allow stronger hand to play as declarer.

What is the second negative bid following a 2C opening?

After a 2D response to 2C and a suit rebid by opener, a rebid of 3C (or 3D over opener's 3C) is an artificial waiting bid. This indicates 0-4 HCP:

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