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Punic Wars

three wars between Rome and Carthage

Marcus Regulus

Roman general loyal to his country and word


Spartan general; led Carthaginians in Punic War

Scipio Africanus

won fame for victories over Africa & Hannibal


great Carthaginian general of ancient times

Quintus Fabius

Roman general; fought against Hannibal

Fabian policy

a plan of extreme delay or caution

King Syphax

king of Numidia; fought with Carthaginians


Numidian prince who supported Scipio

"I have given my word of honor to return, and I cannot break it."

quote from Marcus Regulus

"Take your sweetheart and go. I set you both free. Go and be happy, and in the future be friends of Rome."

quote from Scipio Africanus

"I should then have said that I was greater than Alexander, greater than Pyrrhus, and greater than all other generals."

Quote from Hannibal

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