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Physician's leaving a case before the patient is recovered


Resolution of case brought about by a unbiased 3rd party


Clear threat of injury


Operating beyond the patient given consent- Body contact without consent.


Adherence to rules and regulations


Testimony under oath usually OUTSIDE court room


Standards of right and wrong conduct


Behavior and customs that are considered good manner

Express Consent

Patients written agreement to have a procedure preformed


Depriving others of their rights by dishonest means

Good Samaritan act

Protection for the physician from liability of a civil damage in emergency case. Emergency situations is defined by the state in which the assistant is employed.

Implied consent

Patient permission for treatment when he or she enters the DR office


Legal Responsibly


A lawsuit

Release of information

Authorization to send the patient's information to another physician

Statute of limitations

Time limit for a lawsuit to start

Statutory Report

Confidential information that must be submitted to the state department


Written notice sent to the defendant asking for an answer to the charges.

Federal Register

Legal Paper published every business day

Qui Tam

Allows a private citizen to file a law suite in the name of US Government

Program Transmittal

Contain new and changed Medicare policies and procedures.

Medicare Administrative Contractor

MAC = Third party payer that contracts with CMS

Record Retention

Storage of documents for a established period of time


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Medical Integrity Program

MIP= combat fraud waste and abuse

Unique Indentifiers

National Health Plan ID
National Provider Identifier -NPI
National Individual Identifier (ON HOLD)


Employee ID # (issued by IRS)


Assigned to health care providers


Statutory law, laws passed by legislative bodies


Involves the safe keeping of patient information by controlling access to hard copy and computerized records protecting information from alteration, destruction,tampering, or loss providing employees training in confidentiality of patient information and requiring employees to sign a confidentiality statement that details the consequences of not maintaining patient confidentiality.


performs centralized claims processing for providers and health plans

National Health Plan ID

Assigned to 3rd party payer and it has 10 digit numeric position.

Medical Practice acts

set of rules for obtaining a license explains who must be licensed to give health care covers the grounds on the licenses may be revoked


medicare pays too much to the provider for a claim

Demand Letter

is sent when Medicare administrative contractor determines that an overpayment was made


is an order of the court that requires a witness to appear at particular time and place to testify

Subpoena duces tecum

requires document to be produced

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