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Quiz 7

PTCA is an acronym for:

Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Andioplasty

What two words are important factors in coding hernia repair?


When coding 44701 it is necessary to add a modifier -51?


A Holter monitor is similar to an electrocardiogram in that:

The leads are attached to the patient.

If fluoroscopic guidance is used during the insertion of a pacemaker, it is bundled with the primary procedure and cannot be reported separately?


This type of lymphadenectomy is the removal of the lymph nodes, glands, and surrounding tissues:


Code 36000 (introduction of needle or intracatheter, vein) is an example of:

non-selective catheterization

Which of the following modifiers does not identify a coronary artery? -RC, -LC, -LD, -LM


Within the cardiovascular system, what is compared to the branches of a tree?

Vascular families

A nephrectomy is the excision of the renal pelvis?

False (it is the removal of a kidney)

In which type of catheter placement is the catheter moved, manipulated, or guided into a part of the arterial system other than the vessel punctured?


The lymph node excision category codes are based on what two things?

method and location

The mediastinum is located between the lungs?


When a diagnostic colonoscopy is coded, the code includes:

anoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, & proctosigmoidoscopy

To correctly report coronary bypass grafts, you must know the anatomical site from which the vessel being grafted came?



is a procedure in which fluid is withdrawn from the space around the heart through a needle and a catheter is left in to allow for continued drainage.


A mass of undissolved matter that is present in blood and is transported by the blood.

The most common condition of the prostate is the BPH

True (benign prostatic hyperplasia )

Which item is not considered to be bundled in with a vascular injection?

contrast media

A diaphragmatic hernia is also known as an

a thoracoabdominal hernia

Bone marrow

manufactures most blood cells

a common abbreviation for procedure code 43260 endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography is ERCP


What is the name of the electrode that are placed into the atrium and/or ventricle of the heart when a pacemaker is inserted?


If a clinic owns its own x-ray equipment, what modifier would be used when coding for the supervision and interpretation of a cardiac catheterization?

No modifier is used.

the urinary system subsection is first arranged anatomically


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