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Quiz 8

The peripheral nervous system refers to the nervous structures outside of the:

central nervous system

a radical vuvlectomy is the removal of greater than 80% of the vulvar area?


Within the Endocrine System description, the terms subtotal and _______mean something less than total?


the initials that indicate a shunting procedure are?


Introduction of saline into tubes/ovaries to determine patency


vaginal birth after cesarean


suturing of uterine cervix


cervical dilator


loop electrode excision procedure


Neuroplasty is the

decompression of intact nerves

surgical laparoscopy always includes:

diagnostic laparoscopy

in which category would you locate a code for the removal of an IUD?


The code 59400 doesn't include:

a Cerclage

Diagnostic amniocentesis includes radiologic supervision and interpretation?



a device used to relieve pressure in the brain caused by fluid buildup.

Antepartum care includes:

initial and subsequent history, physical exams, recording of weight, blood pressures, fetal heart tones, and routine UA.

reporting code 59300 is acceptable when reporting 59400


Strabismus surgery

corrects muscle misalignment

Incision and drainage of these glands are not reported using female Genital System codes but are instead reported using Surgery section, Urinary System Codes:


Colpotomy is an incision into the vagina?


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