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  1. Secret Agreement
  2. Gen Martin Delgado
  3. Malolos Congress
  4. January 1, 1901
  5. Gregorio del Pilar
  1. a September 15, 1898 - Malolos Congress was inaugurated to draft a constitution. This was held at Barasoain Church at Malolos, Bulacan.
  2. b Comm Dewey and General Merritt secretly entered into an agreement with Spanish Gov Gen Fermin Jaudines to surrender Manila to the Americans.
  3. c Won the battle in Plaridel, Bulacan.
  4. d The Irreconcilables: Artemio Ricarte, Pablo Ocampo, Maximo Hizon and Julian Gerona were exiled to Guam because of their refusal to accept American Rule.
  5. e February 11, 1899 - his troops fought the Americans who attacked Iloilo.

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  1. Malolos was attacked and conquered by the Americans through the help of additional troops.
  2. He led a group of guerrillas and surrendered to the Americans as they were promised pardon and were convinced that their surrender would restore peace. The Americans did not fulfill their promise and this leader and his men were executed.
  3. December 10, 1898 - this treaty gave the US authority to govern the Philippines in exchange for $20MM given to the Spain. This further enraged the Filipinos.
  4. made the Philippine flag that was raised during the Declaration of Independence
  5. May 1, 1898 - Comm George Dewey arrived in Manila and fought and defeated the Spaniards.

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  1. Tydings McDuffie ActThis was the realization of all the efforts of Filipinos to seek independence from the Americans. It stipulated that the Phils would be granted independence after 10 years of preparation which would be under the Commonwealth government.


  2. Feb 28, 1899The Americans attacked Cebu. Samar, Leyte, Marinduque, and Calamianes fell in the hands of the Americans.


  3. March 23, 1901Aguinaldo was captured by American troops and brought to Manila. This was the fall of the First Philippine Republic.


  4. Philippine RepublicJune 12, 1898 - Aguinaldo declared Independence from Spanish Rule.


  5. Gen Licerio GeronimoLed the biggest American defeat in the Battle of San Mateo, this happened during the end of 1899.